Mar 21

PrimeNG 0.8 Released

PrimeTek is pleased to announce the new release for PrimeNG, the ultimate UI component suite for Angular2. This version brings 5 new components, enhancements to DataTable and defect fixes reported by PrimeNG users.

New Components

There are 5 new components, all of them are native.

In addition, Listbox and Spinner are reimplemented as native components instead of using their PrimeUI cousins.


DataTable has received various handy new improvements including sorting by default, multiple columns sorting and global search keyword filtering.

Full Changelog

There are 21 filed changes, please visit the issue tracker for details.


Visit the documentation at setup page for details.


Next planned release is 0.9 due next week and we plan to introduce AutoComplete and HtmlEditor components. In parallel our team will start porting PrimeFaces Rio, Modena and Adamantium Premium Themes-Layouts to PrimeNG today to make them available next week. The next one on the list will be Olympos.

Remaining components for 1.0 are dragdrop utilities, fileupload and google maps.

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Mar 17

PrimeFaces Themes Updated

All PrimeFaces Premium Themes-Layouts have been updated with great enhancements to improve the overall user experience. Highlight of this release cycle focuses on themes and adds different visuals for highlight and hover states for components that are used to pick an item from a list like dropdown, orderlist and similar. Another important update is the new focus visuals for input fields to provide a better feedback to the user that inputs are active. In addition we’ve added fixes to reported issues by the community.

Upgrade is easy as updating the theme.jar. If you are using Spark or Olympos also replace the layout.css, details are available at the migration guide section of each layout under documentation.

All live demos are updated to latest versions for you to try them live.

All resources are available at PrimeFaces Market.

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Mar 15

PrimeFaces 5.3.9 Released

PrimeFaces 5.3.9 is now available for Elite subscribers featuring the all-new TimeLine component. Timeline is an interactive visualization chart to visualize events in time, it is developed by famous PrimeFaces power user Oleg Varaksin in extensions and now available in core.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


Binaries, Sources, API docs and VDL docs are available in PrimeFaces Elite Portal for ELITE and PRO users as an official release bundle.

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Mar 14

PrimeNG 0.7.0 Released

PrimeTek is glad to announce the new 0.7.0 release for PrimeNG. This versions brings the new DataGrid, DataList, DataScroller components, more native components and defect fixes reported by PrimeNG Users.

New Components

The new data components are native implementations so does not depend on PrimeUI jQuery widgets.

DataTable Templating

One of the most requested features is ability to place customizable content in datatable columns, this is now supported via new p:column component and template elements.

More Native Components

Following components have been reimplemented as native components instead of using PrimeUI jQuery widgets.

  • TabView
  • Accordion
  • Button
  • ToggleButton
  • SelectButton
  • Rating


PrimeNG is fully open source and free to user under Apache License and available at npm, for details please visit the setup page.

Full Changelog

Detailed changelog is available at GitHub.


The next version will be 0.8 next week and we’ll implement Tree-TreeTable components along with multi column sorting, global search filtering for DataTable. 0.9 will bring new components like ContextMenu, AutoComplete and Html Editor. In about 2 weeks time, we also plan to port all PrimeFaces premium layouts and themes to PrimeNG as well. 1.0 betas will start in early april and 1.0 final right after Angular2 goes 1.0 final.

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Mar 14

PrimeUI 4.1.3 Released

PrimeUI 4.1.3 is now available featuring Multi Column Sorting and Global Filtering for DataTable.

We’ve also finally moved to a gulp and npm based build to create a productive development environment so majority of the time was spent on refactoring the showcase based on the new build.


PrimeUI 4.1.3 is available as a zip file at github, as modules via bower or npm See setup page for details.


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Mar 07

Introducing PrimeFaces Olympos

PrimeFaces Team is excited to announce a brand new premium layout and theme called Olympos. It is inspired by the ancient city in Antalya having the same name.

9 Different TopBar Colors

We have chosen 9 predefined topbar colors that fit well in the design scheme.

Different Menu Styles

Menu is one of the most powerful features of Olympos, it is highly customizable with inline mode, popup mode and slim mode.

Dashboards and Cover Page

Olympos provide two sample dashboards and a cover page for promotional purposes.

Template Pages

Commonly required pages such as login and error are provided along with the layout and theme.

Olympos Theme

Theme of Olympos, provides light colors and a flat design scheme for PrimeFaces Components.


As usual, Olympos is fully responsive and tested against various devices.


Olympos is available at PrimeFaces Market.

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Mar 07

PrimeNG 0.6 Released

PrimeTek is pleased to announce the 0.6 release of PrimeNG featuring 3 new components, support for commonjs, reimplementation of 4 components and various other enhancements.

New Components

There are 3 new components in this release; Schedule, PickList and Orderlist. Schedule is based on FullCalendar widget whereas PickList and OrderList are native components.

Reimplemented Components

Instead of using jQuery/PrimeUI versions of InputText, InputTextarea, Panel and Fieldset, we’ve reimplemented them as native angular2 components. We plan to do more conversion in upcoming releases, goal is to have around 90% native components and 10% with external dependencies like jquery, charts.js, fullcalendar. That is for the js part, as css and theming are shared amongst PrimeFaces, PrimeUI and PrimeNG.


Until now, PrimeNG has been distributed in systemjs format, this prevents PrimeNG to be used with other loaders. As systemjs is universal and can load commonjs modules, in 0.6.0 publish format has been changed to commonjs.


PrimeNG is fully open source and free to user under Apache License and available at npm, for details please visit the setup page.

Full Changelog

Detailed changelog is available at GitHub.


Next version 0.7 will be released next week with 3 new components; DataGrid, DataList and DataScroller. Also we plan to add support for custom cell templates in DataTable such as placing buttons, images, links inside cells. 0.8 is scheduled for the week after to bring Tree and TreeTable components.

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Mar 03

PrimeNG with JAX-RS

PrimeFaces Expert  has created a new sample project to demonstrate integration with PrimeNG and JAX-RS.

If you are interested in using Angular2, PrimeNG with  JAX-RS backend, code is available at Github. Or if you prefer a Java MVC 1.0 (or Spring MVC) approach with PrimeElements, Anghel has also created an example for it as well.

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Feb 29

PrimeNG 0.5 Released

PrimeTek is excited to announce the new release for PrimeNG, the UI component suite for AngularJS 2. The new 0.5 brings the mighty DataTable Component. It is currently the most powerful open source DataTable for Angular2.

Notable features are;

  • Facets (Header-Footer)
  • Column Grouping
  • Paging
  • Sort
  • Filtering
  • Row Selection
  • Editable Cells
  • Resizable Columns
  • Column Reordering
  • Scrolling
  • Lazy Loading
  • Responsive

For documentation and live samples, please visit PrimeNG Showcase.

In addition, we’ve improved the way custom contents are defined for various components like dropdown, listbox and carousel. New approach is simpler and involves the template element to be repeated. See the live demo of carousel for an example.


PrimeNG is available at npm can be installed using the simple “npm install primeng” command, for details please visit the setup page.


Next version 0.6 is planned for next week and we’ll introduce 3 new components; OrderList, PickList and Schedule. The week later, we plan to add 3 more data components, DataGrid, DataList and DataScroller. Visit project plan for details.

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Feb 29

PrimeFaces Elite 5.3.8 and 5.2.21 Released

PrimeFaces Team is pleased to announce the new updates for 5.2 and 5.3. We’ve included handy new features and improved the overall quality by adding defect fixes.

skipChildren on p:ajax

Container components like datatable does not process their children when the request of the ajax request are themselves. For example on page, sort and filter only the datatable itself is processed not its children. There are uses cases for this, assume a panel component having inputs as children with validation, toggling the panel should not throw validation error. On the other hand there are uses cases when you may need to process the children as well, for instance a sortable datatable with input components, when the user changes the input, sorting ignores the new value. Since this should be configurable, we’ve added skipChildren on p:ajax, default depends on the component and is usually false. For sortable datatable case, it should be true. Here is an example with a sortable datatable and inputs, notice that sorting does not happen if there is a validation error, which is another tiny but useful improvement.

ImportConstants and ImportEnum

Merge of PrimeFaces Extensions is taking place step by step, this time we’ve moved ImportConstants and ImportEnum from extensions.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


Binaries, Sources, API docs and VDL docs are available in PrimeFaces Elite Portal for ELITE and PRO users as an official release bundle.

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