Apr 10

Delta Theme

We are glad to share a new Theme with PrimeFaces Community. Delta is a light and clean theme created by Kiandra IT, ported as a PrimeFaces Theme. Along with regular color theming, components like calendar, dialog, slider and tabview have exclusive styling in Delta.

We have announced Elite Themes recently however Delta is a Community Theme available to everyone free and open source. It will be released in upcoming Themes 1.0.10 release. Demos will be up after the release as well.

Stay tuned for more theme goodness, there will be a cool new community theme and our designer will start working on Elite Themes soon.

Always bet on Prime!

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Apr 09

AutoComplete Caching and Empty Message

AutoComplete is a popular component in PrimeFaces and we keep working on to improve it. There are two new features we would like to share;


When new cache attribute is enabled, autocomplete will cache previous server based suggestions on client side and if same query is provided, it will return the data from cache. There is also a cacheTimeout feature defined in milliseconds to automatically clear cache to clear up memory. This feature is extremely useful to reduce load on server.

Empty Message

When there are no records found to suggest, by default autocomplete just does nothing. In case you’d like to provide a feedback to the user, you can provide your own message using emptyMessage attribute and autoComplete will display it instead.

These two nice enhancements will be in next week’s 3.5.3 release for ELITE and PRO Users, Community users can access these features from public trunk aka 4.0-SNAPSHOT and merge with their forks if required.

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Apr 08

Dialog Focus Enhancement

The first enabled input field in a dialog receives focus automatically by default already and we have added an enhancement to make this customizable. The main reason to use this feature can be explained with an example;

If we use a calendar field as the first input field in the dialog, the calendar field receives focus on show and popup shows automatically without user interaction. Built-in focus feature can be used to prevent these kinds of problems where we can just add the focus attribute on the dialog component to use it as indicated below. Notice that focus is set to savebtn button implicitly so when the dialog gets displayed, button will receive focus. This is quite useful since for readonly dialogs, hitting enter key would hide the dialog easily.

 <p:commandButton value="Show" onclick="dlg.show();" type="button" icon="ui-icon-extlink"/>

 <p:dialog id="dialog" header="Dynamic Focus" focus="savebtn" widgetVar="dlg">

    <h:panelGrid columns="2" cellpadding="5">

        <h:outputLabel for="name" value="Name:" />
        <p:inputText id="name" label="name" />

        <h:outputLabel for="surname" value="Surname:" />
        <p:inputText id="surname" label="surname" />

        <h:outputLabel for="telephone" value="Telephone:" />
        <p:inputText id="telephone" label="telephone" />


     <p:commandButton id="savebtn" value="Save" oncomplete="dlg.hide()"/>



This feature will be available in 3.5.3 and 4.0 releases.

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Apr 02

Scrollable Tabs

Scrollable tabs is a great way to deal with many number of tabs that do not fit in the available header space however until now PrimeFaces TabView tabs have been wrapping to a new  line. Scrolling feature has been a popular feature request from PrimeFaces Community and we are glad to reveal the new scrollable tabs implementation;

Default behavior is wrapping, if you prefer to enable scrolling you just need to enable scrollable attribute and TabView will display scroll buttons to view the next set of tabs in line. An important point is, if there is available space based on screen size, tabview does not switch to scrolling mode so this is a flexible way to deal with different screen resolutions. An early demo is available at PrimeFaces Showcase.

Keep an eye on PrimeFaces 4.0, there are many cool features coming soon! All free and open source under Apache license ;)

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Apr 01

PrimeFaces 3.5.2 Released

PrimeFaces 3.5.2 is now available as a certified release for PrimeFaces Elite and Pro Users. This release brings 23 filed improvements, although mosts of them are defect fixes including an important security vulnerability patch, there are also small new features from 4.0 development.

Binaries, Sources, Javadocs and Tag docs are available in PrimeFaces Elite Portal for Elite Subscribers as a certified release bundle. PrimeFaces PRO Users can access the files from PRO Portal. Community users need to build/maintain their own PrimeFaces Builds by referencing the changes from public trunk aka 4.0-SNAPSHOT.

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Mar 29

PrimeFaces 3.4.4 Released

Today we’ve sensed a disturbance in the force, PrimeFaces Elite users have reported a regression issue about SelectBooleanCheckbox on recently released 3.4.3. The issue is fixed as soon as possible and along the way we’ve ported some of the improvements from 3.5.2 and 4.0 branches;

Binaries, Sources, Javadocs and Tag docs are available in PrimeFaces Elite Portal for Elite Subscribers as a certified release bundle. PrimeFaces PRO Users can access the files from PRO Portal. Community users need to build/maintain their own PrimeFaces Builds by referencing the changes from public trunk aka 4.0-SNAPSHOT.

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Mar 27

Elite Voting System

PrimeFaces Elite is getting popular among PrimeFaces Users as an affordable support service with increasing number of new subscribers every day. Elite has launched with certified frequent maintenance releases to get support from the PrimeFaces Team and the upcoming premium themes as the main features.

A brand new exclusive service is the new voting system where subcribers to the PrimeFaces Elite can vote for a defect report filed in community issue tracker using the issue number. Whenever the number of total votes for a particular issue reaches 10, PrimeFaces Team will give high priority and fix the defect in next maintenance release. Voting can only be done by Elite Users any number of times and votes apply to defect reports not new feature requests. Here is sample screen where all Elite Services are activated;

Please note that starring in community issue tracker is for watching the issue to get notifications not for voting as voting is exclusive to PrimeFaces Elite Users only.

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Mar 24

PrimeFaces 3.4.3 Released

PrimeFaces Elite lives up to the promise of delivering frequent maintenance releases to improve the overall quality of PrimeFaces. Next release in line from Elite is 3.4.3 featuring over 60 improvements ported from 3.5 and 3.5.1 lines back to 3.4.x. If you are still on 3.4.x and would like to receive improvements made to 3.5.x without a major upgrade, 3.4.3 is the best way to do it.

Here is the full changelog;


Subscribers to PrimeFaces Elite can download the binaries, sources, apidocs and tagdocs in zip format at PrimeFaces Elite Portal.

Elite Roadmap

There will be a scheduled PrimeFaces 3.5.2 Release in the first week of April with at least 10 defect fixes.

We’ll soon announce a new exclusive service to Elite Users in addition to the maintenance releases and premium themes which is deciding what should be fixed in upcoming maintenance releases, we are working on a new voting system in Elite Portal for this.

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Mar 22

PrimeFaces Elite Themes

All the currently available themes in PrimeFaces Theme Gallery are ThemeRoller generated, although they look and perform fine, the default theme Aristo looks far more advanced compare to them. Reason is Aristo is a theme created in Photoshop.

We are taking the same approach and will be offering premium themes created by the professional designer of PrimeTek who created the PrimeFaces Wallpapers. These themes will only be available to ELITE and PRO users. Here are some proof-of-concept designs;

May the force be with CSS3.

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Mar 18

PrimeFaces 3.5.1 Released via PrimeFaces ELITE

As we’ve announced before PrimeTek has a new maintenance policy on PrimeFaces called PrimeFaces ELITE.

In summary, fixes/enhancements are now committed both to public trunk (e.g. 3.6) on google code for public availability and to our private branches (e.g. 3.5.1). New features on the other hand goes only in the public repository. Periodically maintenance releases build from the private branches will be offered to PrimeFaces ELITE and PRO users exclusively. These releases are certified releases by PrimeTek licensed under PrimeFaces Commercial License and considered to be production ready.

As the fixes are also available in public repo, if you or your organization do not want to subscribe to ELITE or PRO to access these releases, there are alternatives;

  • Wait for the next major release to receive the fixes.
  • Build PrimeFaces from source of trunk and use the binary with the risk of instability of a development build.

Elite Portal

In order to access certified releases, you need to login at PrimeFaces Elite Portal with your community account. If you have active subscriptions, all the available releases are listed, if not system will provide a payment option. Once the payment is completed, in your next login you’ll be able to see all the available releases. Elite Portal is a small online application created with PrimeFaces and integrated with payment processor automatically so that you can upgrade your community account to Elite in five minutes.

Annual Subscription per Developer Seat is 199$ (16$ per month), providing access to all maintenance releases for a year with a one time fee.


The first outcome of PrimeFaces ELITE is 3.5.1 release featuring 20 fixes over 3.5 release;

Download is available to Elite Users exclusively.


Our new maintenance policy or in short Elite, motivates us to do more frequent maintenance releases and focus on the stability and quality of PrimeFaces. Plan is to make a maintenance release when we reach 10 fixes in the actively developed branch and provide it via Elite.

PrimeTek is a true believer in open source, since the origin, PrimeFaces is licensed under Apache License along with PrimeUI. Upcoming PrimeFaces.NET will also be open source under Apache License.

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