Feb 06

Maintenance Policy Update

After announcing the new maintenance policy yesterday, we have received various feedbacks from PrimeFaces Community. One common feedback is offering an option for community users who see PrimeFaces PRO fees as expensive considering their project budgets and still would like to avoid merging fixes from trunk to their local branches.

We listen to our community and thanks to the valuable feedback we are glad to announce that community members now also have the option to receive the binaries-sources of maintenance releases in an affordable way without being a PrimeFaces PRO user. Annual subscription to maintenance releases will also be offered so that by subscribing one year, you’ll have access to all maintenance versions released for a year. This model would be known as PrimeFaces Elite. The binaries-sources will be available to be purchased online at PrimeFaces.org and the fee per developer seat would be only 249$ per year.

Please note that, fixes of private maintenance branches will also be committed to public trunk so you always have the option to merge the changes from trunk back to your self-maintained local branch without paying a fee. The fee mentioned above is to avoid doing this and receive a certified-official PrimeFaces release from PrimeFaces Team.

Thanks to everyone who assisted us optimizing the policy! With your help, we’ll make PrimeFaces even greater!

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Feb 05

New Maintenance Policy

Starting with PrimeFaces 3.5, a new maintenance policy for PrimeFaces has been initiated. This new policy is basically a new feature offered to our PrimeFaces PRO service.

Until now, we have been doing maintenance(bugfix only) releases such as 3.3.1, 3.4.1, 3.4.2 periodically followed by a major release e.g. 3.4, 3.5. From now on, tags/sources of these certified-official releases will be available to PrimeFaces PRO users exclusively. Although there will be a private branch, each improvement-fix made into maintenance branches will also be committed to public repository targeting trunk which is the next major release. As code is open, community members can access the fixes at trunk and maintain their own branches locally if necessary. PrimeFaces PRO users on the other hand will receive certified maintenance releases in binary and source format.

For example, 3.5 is out and we’ll create a private branch for 3.5.1. New features will go in public trunk only (3.6-SNAPSHOT), bug fixes on the other hand will be committed to private 3.5.1 branch and the public trunk so everyone has access to the fixes. PrimeFaces PRO users will receive certified maintenance releases periodically and Community users need to maintain their own maintenance branches or keep using the development builds of trunk although latter has the risk of instability.

So by becoming a PrimeFaces PRO user, you don’t need to maintain maintenance branches yourself, dig the trunk code to find the fixes to merge and avoid the risk of using a development build of trunk in production.

We are fully committed to open source, PrimeFaces is licensed under apache license since it was born 4 years ago and all subprojects of PrimeFaces are also open source. This maintenance policy does not hide a single line of code from public access since any feature, enhanement and bug fix is also available in public repository.

We are sure that PrimeFaces community will support this policy because more PRO users mean improved financial backing for PrimeFaces resulting in more investment regarding team size, more features, less bugs, better quality and all of these under Open Source Philosophy which we truly believe in!

Update: Thanks to the great feedback from the community, there is now an affordable way to get binaries-sources of maintenance releases without becoming a PrimeFaces PRO user.

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Feb 04

PrimeFaces User’s Guide 3.5 Released

Soon after PrimeFaces 3.5 Final Release, we are glad to announce that User’s Guide for 3.5 is also now available.

As in 3.4 Guide, there are two versions, free one and the 10$ copy with same content for community members who would like to contribute PrimeFaces Development. The only difference is the table of contents index for PDF readers.

All versions of guides, api-vdl docs, wiki, PrimeFaces Cookbook, interviews, presentations… Everything is available at PrimeFaces Documentation Center.

Hope you enjoy the new guide!

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Feb 04

PrimeFaces 3.5 Released

PrimeFaces Team is glad to announce the available of PrimeFaces 3.5 Final. Compared to the Release Candidate that is massively tested by community, there are over 20 improvements.


Sources and Binaries along with maven download instructions are available at downloads page.

User’s Guide

See official announcement regarding User’s Guide 3.5.

Showcase Change

From now on there will be only one online showcase instead of showcase and showcase-labs.


Next planned version is 3.6 and it is due second quarter of 2013. Our focus is now on PrimeFaces Mobile and PrimeUI.




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Jan 22

PrimeFaces Cookbook

PrimeFaces Cookbook is published today.

The book features many topics that you cannot find in forum, showcase or the user’s guide. Cookbook is a great resource for anyone who is doing active PrimeFaces development.

  • Learn basic concepts to be able to work with PrimeFaces.
  • Delve deep into 100+ rich UI components with all the required details
  • Get solutions to typical and advanced use cases
  • Use the best practices, avoid pitfalls, and get performance tips when working with the component suite
  • Gain know-how of writing custom components on basis of the PrimeFaces’ core functionality
  • Meet additional components from the PrimeFaces Extensions

Congratulations to Authors Oleg Varaksin & Mert Çalışkan along with reviewers Andrew Bailey and Hebert Coelho de Oliveira. Thanks to Packt Publishing for their continuous support in open source technologies.

How to Buy?

Always bet on Prime!

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Jan 21

PrimeFaces 3.5.RC1 Released

PrimeFaces Team is pleased to announce the first release candidate of PrimeFaces 3.5. This version features new components, enhancements to existing components, major maintenance, RTL support, improved accessibility and more. Compared to previous major release 3.4, there are over 175+ filed improvements.

Notable changes are;

  • New component: Clock
  • New component: Horizontal Tree
  • Reimplemented Galleria as a native widget
  • DataTable Multiple Column Sorting
  • DataTable InCell Editing
  • Frozen Rows for DataTable
  • Reimplemented Scrollable-Resizable Tables
  • Resizable TreeTable
  • Content support for selectOneListbox and selectManyMenu
  • Range Slider
  • Option Group support for SelectOneMenu
  • Global Tooltips
  • Updates to PrimePush and Atmosphere Framework
  • IE7 is no longer supported

RTL Support

Many important components such as datatable, accordion, dialog, tree and tabview now support RTL direction either by using dir attribute or primefaces.DIR global setting. More components will receive RTL enhancements in future releases.


Various components are improved with accessibility features such as keyboard support and screen reader compatibility via ARIA roles-attributes. As usual, accessibility will be continued to be improved in future.

Backward Compatibility

Please see migration guide before updating your application to a newer PrimeFaces release.


Download links are available at downloads page, maven users just need to update their artifact dependency to primefaces-3.5.RC1.

3.5 Final

Final release is due 28th, please test the release candidate and report any problem you face.

Optimus Out!

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Jan 17

Resize and Scroll Enhancements

Resizable and Scrollable Table implementation has been rewritten from scratch based on the community feedback for 3.5. PrimeFaces DataTable uses 100% width to span the container however for scrollable and resizable columns cases this was not the case and fixed column widths were used instead. This provides the required functionality however there was room for improvement by supporting percentages. This has been a popular request from PrimeFaces Users.

After 1 week of work, following enhancements are now available for 3.5 regarding these two features;

  • It is not mandatory to provide fixed column widths with width attribute
  • Percentages are now supported for column widths
  • ScrollWidth and ScrollHeight attributes also accept percentages like scrollHeight=”50%”
  • Column Resizing has a new mode called Live Resizing.
  • Major performance improvements and significantly reduced table markup.

Good news for TreeTable users, these are also available for TreeTable as well.


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Jan 14

Phasing Out IE7 Support

Starting with upcoming 3.5 release and 2013, PrimeFaces will no longer support Internet Explorer 7 officially. Reasons for this decision are;

  • Low market share of IE7 (Around 1%)
  • Technical limitations and Bugs of IE7 Engine
  • Huge amount of workload required to support IE7

PrimeFaces 3.5 and future will continue support for IE8, IE9 and IE10.

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Jan 10

PrimeFaces Theme Converter

We would like to share a new handy tool with PrimeFaces Users. When you create your custom theme with ThemeRoller, the download gives you a zip file. To create a theme that follows PrimeFaces Theme API Conventions you need to create a jar following a folder structure and replace all the image references in theme css with JSF’s #{resource} resolver. This process can now be done by a 3rd party tool called PrimeFaces Theme Converter authored by Maxim Maximchuk.

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Jan 09

Global Tooltips

One Tooltip to Rule Them All! Tooltip component has been enhanced greatly in PrimeFaces 3.5. With the new global tooltip feature it is now possible to define one tooltip for all clickable components instead of adding tooltips explicitly using for attribute. Text of the tooltip is retrieved from the target component’s title attribute. Ajax updates are supported as well, meaning if target component is updated with ajax, tooltip can still bind.

<p:tooltip />


    <h:panelGrid id="grid" columns="2" cellpadding="5">

        <h:outputText value="Input: " />
        <p:inputText id="focus" title="Tooltip for an input"/>

        <h:outputText value="Link: " />
        <h:outputLink id="fade" value="#" title="Tooltip for a link">
            <h:outputText value="Fade Effect" />

        <h:outputText value="Button: " />
        <p:commandButton value="Update" title="Update components" update="@parent"/>



Check out PrimeFaces Labs to see Global Tooltip in action!

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