Sep 13

Horizontal Tree

PrimeFaces lets you display trees horizontally without flipping your monitor 90 degrees. Upon request of a PrimeFaces PRO user, we have added horizontal orientation to the tree. Although html box model doesn’t let you to come up with something linear like this easily and it has been a great challenge for us, we are happy with the end result;

Horizontal Tree supports many features available in Vertical mode such as;

  • Pure Client side
  • Dynamic with Ajax
  • Single, Multiple and Checkbox Selection
  • Events like expand, collapse, select and unselect
  • Icons
  • ContextMenu
  • Themes

Horizontal Tree will be available in PrimeFaces 3.5, for now check out Labs Showcase for the early access demos.

Note: IE7 is not supported at the moment for horizontal display. We have added workarounds for IE 8-9 to make this work. Other browsers like FF, Chrome, Safari work fine as usual.

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Sep 11

NetBeans Podcast featuring PrimeFaces Interview

NetBeans Podcast number 61 featuring a short interview with PrimeFaces frontman Optimus Prime is out! Podcast is available in mp3 format and also available on iTunes. Interview mainly begins at minute 07.20.

Community Interview: Çağatay Çivici, PrimeFaces

Çağatay Çivici is the lead architect and founder of PrimeFaces, the popular JSF component library. Find out what the project is about, its inception, how to create PrimeFaces-based application inside NetBeans IDE, and more.

See you at JavaOne.

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Sep 04

Paid Version of the Guide

We’ve cancelled the community funding model that received mixed reviews from community, decided not to set restrictions on any feature request from now on. We’ll focus on PrimeFaces PRO service for the commercial side of the PrimeFaces. We believe we’re very close to find the best model for the project, for our community and for PRO users. Except one thing;

To finalize the model of PrimeFaces, we need to offer a way to community users who would like to contribute to PrimeFaces. So Paid version of the Guide is now available along with the Free Version. Both versions have absolutely the same content from start to end, except paid version has an index for pdf readers to display at sidebar. Paid version is for community members who would like to contribute to PrimeFaces development with any amount, minimum price is 1$ and suggested is 10$. Payments are done via paypal. Again please note that this is an optional donation, free version is always available with the same content.

Free and Paid version are available at PrimeFaces Documentation Page.

If you enjoy using PrimeFaces, we appreciate your support, whether it is 1$, 10$, feedback, patch for a bugfix, activity in forum to help other members and more.

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Sep 03

PrimeFaces 3.4 Released

I am pleased to announce the final release of PrimeFaces 3.4. Over the previous RC1 release, there are 11 logged improvements. For the detailed list of changes from 3.3 to 3.4, please see 3.4.RC1 announcement.


Binaries, sources and bundle containing api-vdl docs are available at downloads page. Maven users just need to update their version to 3.4.


PrimeFaces User’s Guide has been updated to cover 3.4 and reached 496 pages. Guide is available for download at documentation page. There will also be a paid version of this guide soon. Paid version will be offered to PrimeFaces users who would like to contribute 10 euros to PrimeFaces Project.  Content will be absolutely same(all 496 pages)  and only small difference would be the availability of an index for the pdf readers. Everything else would be same. We’ve cancelled the community funding model as it didn’t work as we wanted so introduced this optional model for people who want to contribute instead.


It is highly suggested to go through the migration guide for any change that may effect your application before migration.


Our focus on September is now on PrimeFaces Mobile 1.0 Release that will bring various improvements and features. After mobile, we’ll start working on PrimeFaces for ASP.NET Web Forms and plan to bring at least 30 controls for the initial release. Until the end of the year, there will be one more major PrimeFaces Release and version number would be 3.5. This iteration will focus on requests from PrimeFaces PRO users, some most voted requests from PrimeFaces Community and maintenance.

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Aug 29

PrimeFaces at JavaOne

PrimeFaces will be at JavaOne! We have a short talk at NetBeans Community Day along with a star lineup of speakers. PrimeFaces frontman Çağatay Çivici will show how to create an app with a cool UI using NetBeans and Java EE. The basis of the app we’ll be using is available at youtube :)

If you will be at JavaOne, look out for the guys walking around with a black PrimeFaces T-Shirt.

More info is available at here.

Special thanks to Geertjan Wielenga from NetBeans team for arranging all this.

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Aug 29

Themes 1.0.8 Released

PrimeFaces Team is pleased to announce the new release wagon of Themes. Compared to previous 1.0.7 release, there is only one change and it is a nice one. Twitter Bootstrap Theme is available now.

Check out PrimeFaces Theme Gallery for download instructions.  Please note that bootstrap theme does not include bootstrap css selectors, the theme uses bootstrap look and feel with the PrimeFaces Theme Framework styles so if you are also going to use twitter bootstrap in your project, you still need to add bootstrap for your project.

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Aug 23

Roadmap for PrimeFaces Mobile

We would like to share our roadmap for PrimeFaces Mobile with our community. PrimeFaces Mobile is a side project of PrimeFaces featuring a UI kit optimized for mobile devices, it involves a couple of mobile specific components and majority of the components are implemented with mobile renderers. So instead of pm:commandButton, we have p:commandButton with a  mobile renderer, thanks to powerful renderer features of JSF. PF Mobile is based on jQuery Mobile which is a natural choice for us since PF itself uses jQuery in core.

So, what are the plans? PF Mobile is currently on version 0.9.3 and never actually received what we call “Heavy PF Development” that involves day-night-weekends after the initial release. Next version 1.0 will involve heavy development for sure, here are couple of must have points for 1.0.

  • Lazy loading of views on demand to improve performance
  • Optimized resource loading of js and css. Load only what is necessary.
  • Back-Forward history navigation support
  • New mobile renderers for
    • Growl-Messages
    • Dialogs
    • Calendar
    • TabView
    • and more..
  • Major Maintenance Work
  • Update to latest jQuery Mobile

If you have more ideas, please drop a comment to share your feedback. This is for PrimeFaces Community so should be defined according to requirements from Community. Development time for M1 is planned to be 4 weeks until JavaOne, beginning of October.

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Aug 22

Twitter Bootstrap Theme

Twitter Bootstrap is a front end framework consisting of CSS and JavaScript utilities. We have been getting questions from our community about integrating bootstrap with PrimeFaces so decided to work on it.

PrimeFaces Widgets are richer than what bootstrap provides so we will not wrap bootstrap widgets for sure. A JSF library would only need to wrap widgets of bootstrap to come up with a quick and dirty solution for JSF.

CSS part is the real value of bootstrap for us, for example the layout feature of bootstrap is really great and we’ve used the grid layout in a client project as it is. It doesn’t make sense to bloat your JSF view with components like <p:gridContainer /> since you can do the same with just adding a simple div easier. Your page will execute faster since there less components to process on server side.

The best way to integrate PrimeFaces and Bootstrap would be a PrimeFaces Theme by porting Bootstrap Look and Feel. PrimeFaces components are so easy to customize, we have applied the look of Bootstrap widgets to our own widgets easily, no new tags, no new components are necessary, just CSS magic.

Check out the Labs Showcase to see the Beta version of Bootstrap Theme in action.

Bootstrap theme will be available with the next themes release wagon soon. At the moment, you can build the theme from source to give a try.

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