Jul 30

SelectOneMenu Filter

A PrimeFaces PRO user requested a filter to deal with large amount of items in SelectOneMenu. To provide this feature, we’ve added an input field with filter icon inside the dropdown.

Filtering is enabled by setting filter attribute to true and match mode is configured with filterMatchMode attribute taking startsWith (default), contains, endsWith, custom as valid options. When custom filtering is used, filterFunction should be defined to implement custom filtering. All of this happens on client side only, no server round trip.

See PrimeFaces Labs for a live demo.

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Jul 26

New TabMenu Component

We’ve been working on PrimeFaces maintenance of 3.4 only for some time and trying not to get excited by new feature ideas. However there is one request we couldn’t resist to implement on a saturday. A user requested a command navigation component such as;


Well, challenge was accepted and we created tabMenu component;

There are also plans for enhancements like a second level of submenus below the first level but that’s for future.

Demo is available at PrimeFaces Labs.

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Jul 24

Oracle Introduces NetBeans IDE 7.2

Highly anticipated NetBeans 7.2 is released today and Oracle has published a press release featuring a supporting quote from us;


At Prime Teknoloji we initially started using NetBeans IDE for the first-class Maven support. Along the way, we also discovered many other great features such as Java EE support, high quality code editors, version control tools and the intuitive UI. Now we are using NetBeans IDE for all applications we develop including PrimeFaces and, as a result, enjoy maximum productivity. We are especially looking forward to the performance enhancements in release 7.2 and are glad to see that our favorite IDE continues to improve and make our job easier,” said Cagatay Civici, PrimeFaces Lead, Prime Teknoloji.

Congrats on NetBeans team for this great release!!!

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Jul 19

PickList on Steroids

PrimeFaces PickList gets two major features for 3.4 release; Filtering and Ajax Transfers.


PickList now supports client side filtering with 4 different match modes, startsWith, contains, endsWidth and custom. If you need custom filtering, you can bind your own javascript function via filterFunction option. Filtering is done on keyup event of an input field placed on top of the lists. This is an extremely useful feature to deal with huge lists.

Ajax Behavior for Transfer

When item(s) are transferred from one side to the other, you can hook-in using the new transfer ajax behavior event, the optional listener gets a TransferEvent containing information about the moved items and direction.


Check out PrimeFaces 3.4 Labs to see these in action!

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Jul 18

PrimeFaces Push Unleashed

Prime Technology, proud sponsor of PrimeFaces, is glad to announce the new Push Framework for PrimeFaces named PrimePush, powered by the great Atmosphere Framework.

We have actually offered two push solutions for JSF in the past, one is an early adoption on atmosphere 2 years ago and other one is the websocket only approach available in PrimeFaces 3.x. Both solutions never reached a mature state and adopted by PrimeFaces Community so we have decided to get back to Atmosphere once again but this time with a major change;

Atmosphere Framework is the de-facto standard of Push Frameworks for Java EE featuring scalability, support for several containers and browsers, utilization of various transports such as websockets, sse, long-polling, streaming and jsonp. It has been widely adopted by many other frameworks and used currently in production including Wall Street Journal (wsj.com) and SmartMoney.com.

Atmosphere is created by Jeanfrancois Arcand, (author of Grizzly and async http client), a top notch developer and one of the few experts in the world regarding real time web applications. We have invited Jeanfrancois as a consultant for a week in Istanbul to help us out, luckily he accepted and travelled all the way from Quebec to Turkey. During the week, except enjoying nice Turkish Cuisine, sightseeing in Istanbul, presenting Atmosphere at a Turkish JUG group event, playing basketball and countless joyful non work related discussions, Jeanfrancois created the architecture and  provided the implementation of PrimePush. He is now a PrimeFaces Committer and we’ll continue working together for future enhancements. It is a great pleasure to work with him.


We have created various new demos to show the PrimeFaces Push and Atmosphere in action;

  • Counter: Shared counter among clients.
  • Chat: Chat sample with dynamic channels and private messaging.
  • Check-in: Real-Time location based push notifications integrated with Maps.
  • ViewParam: Push messages via GET and JSF View param feature.
  • FacesMessage: Sending FacesMessages to subcribers and using Growl for display.
  • TwitterSearch: Realtime twitter search featuring scheduled broadcaster.
  • PhotoShare: Taking a photo with PhotoCam component and send it to every other subscriber.

PrimeFaces Push will be available in upcoming 3.4 release which is due early August.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeanfrancois, he arrived as a consultant and after a week, left as a friend!

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