Nov 30

PrimeFaces vs PrimeFaces PRO

With PrimeFaces PRO, it’s easy to support, tune and add features to PrimeFaces as if it were an in-house framework.

PrimeFaces PRO is a term based commercial support service. With the exclusive services of Pro account, you no longer need to post your questions in PrimeFaces community forum and your issues to community issue tracker.

Standard PRO Services

Access to
Response at most in 1 business day.
Defect patches.
Private branch management in case you need.
Customized builds.
Unlimited number of cases.
Remote desktop connection.
Conference calls for discussions.
High priority to your issues.
Non PrimeFaces related general JSF assistance.

New Features

New feature and enhancement requests are not available in standard services and provided via an hour based model instead. When you have a feature request we provide an estimate, if you confirm we deliver your request within an estimated timeframe and deduct the amount of work from your hours. These requests can be;

- New components.
- New functionality to existing components.
- Changing the way a certain functionality is implemented.
- Proof of Concept implementations of a use case.
- Code reviews to offer best practices.

Hourly rate is 200 usd and discounts apply on bulk purchases that are more than 50. You can purchase additional hours along with the subscription and also anytime during your subscription period. If your subscription term ends with unused hours, they will be added to your new subscription term in case you extend.

To get a quote, please contact us and mention the total number of developers who will be working in your PrimeFaces projects.

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Nov 29

Custom Content in Menubar

Menubar in 3.5 has support for display custom content in header section;

New options facet is used as the placeholder for the custom content.

   //submenus and menuitems
   <f:facet name="options">
       //custom content


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Nov 27

PrimeUI Panel Widget

PrimeUI gets the Panel Widget from PrimeFaces. This widgets takes an ordinary div with a title attribute, adds css renovation and provides toggle&close features.


<div id="pnl" title="Header">

Online Demo is at PrimeUI Showcase. This widget will be available in 0.3 release which is due this week.

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Nov 26

PrimeFaces Clock Component

Upon request of a PrimeFaces PRO user who needs to display server time with live updates we have added a clock component to PrimeFaces. Clock has two modes, client mode is the default mode to display clock purely on client side and server mode sets the initial datetime as the server’s. Java DateFormat is supported as well so you’ll be able to use this well known format on client side as we are using a javascript port. Finally advanced autoSync feature can sync the server datetime with client to prevent out of sync problems in server mode.

Clock Demo is available at PrimeFaces 3.5 Labs.

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Nov 23

PrimeUI Fieldset Widget

Fieldset component from PrimeFaces is also now available for PrimeUI. This widget can take an ordinary fieldset element and provide a content toggle feature along with regular css renovation for a better look.


<fieldset id="default">

Demo is available at PrimeUI homepage, the widget will be available in next week’s 0.3 release along with Panel widget.

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Nov 19

DataTable Cell Editing

These days we are busy with implementing the feature requests from our PrimeFaces PRO users. One such request is inline cell editing similar to excel. Inline row editing is a popular feature of PrimeFaces as it enables to modify data easily, cell editing is similar to this but is enabled by double clicking on a cell. A cell is saved instantly on blur or enter key events. Optional cellEdit event is provided as an ajax behavior to do processing of old-new values on bean side, context menu support is enabled as well for right click options.

Demo is available at PrimeFaces Labs. At the moment, this is a work in progress and we have more work todo before finalizing like multi component support and better visualization of validation errors.

There are many sponsored features for 3.5, keep an eye on this blog for the upcoming goodies.

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Nov 19

Growl joins PrimeUI

Growl is a popular component in PrimeFaces that is used to display notifications in an overlay and we’ve also ported our growl to PrimeUI as a widget.


//show messages
$('#default').puigrowl('show', [{severity: 'info', summary: 'Message Summary', detail: 'Message Detail'}]);

<div id="default /">

Online Demo

Demo is available at PrimeUI homepage, the widget will be available in next week’s 0.2 release.

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