Jun 20

AutoComplete Textarea

Another good example of how PrimeFaces PRO can provide the features you need in your projects. Upon request of a PrimeFaces PRO user, InputTextarea component is enhanced with a cool AutoComplete feature similar to regular advanced autocomplete component.

Become a PRO user and avoid bugs, request new features, get best practices … Simply get the most out of PrimeFaces!!!

After a certain number of characters (minQueryLength), inputTextarea sends the last word to a completeMethod defined on a backing bean, gets the results back and displays them at caret position. Selecting one of the items via mouse or keyboard inserts selected value to the inputTextarea.

Check out PrimeFaces Labs to see this new feature in action!

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Jun 18

PrimeFaces Themes 1.0.6 Released

Prime Teknoloji is glad to announce the new release of PrimeFaces Themes. This update features minor improvements to themes, adds visual style changes to afterdark theme and the new dark-blue-silver theme called CRUZE inspired by Chevrolet Cruze.

And the resulting theme;

Cruze is now available in PrimeFaces Theme Gallery, check out the live demo!

Hope you enjoy this new theme if you are into dark themes.

P.S. Chevrolet is not sponsoring PrimeFaces, it is just an inspiration of a design. ;)

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Jun 11

PrimeFaces Hat-Trick

Euro 2012 has started and PrimeFaces Ecosystem scores a hat-trick with 3 new releases;

  • PrimeFaces 3.3.1
  • PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9.3
  • PrimeFaces Extensions 0.5.0

PrimeFaces 3.3.1

While heavy PrimeFaces 3.4 development (e.g. charts, mindmap) is in progress, 3.3.1 release brings maintenance over 3.3 release with 10 defect fixes.

PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9.3

0.9.2 was not compatible with PrimeFaces 3.3 so we’ve released 0.9.3 for the compatibility along with some defect fixes reported by PrimeFaces Mobile users. Mobile user’s guide is also updated to 0.9.3. After PrimeFaces 3.4, work on PrimeFaces Mobile 1.0 will begin featuring resource optimizations, ajax view loading, new mobile optimized components like dialog, growl and many other enhancements.

PrimeFaces Extensions 0.5.0

PrimeFaces Extensions team has released the new version of the project featuring new and updated components, enhancements and bug fixes. For more information please see the official announcement and the Prime style cool trailer.

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Jun 07

Introducing PrimeFaces PRO

PrimeFaces Commercial support services has been improved and rebranded.

PrimeFaces PRO is a term based commercial service offered to companies. With the exclusive services of Pro account, you no longer need to post your questions in PrimeFaces community forum and your issues to community issue tracker.

After subscribing to a term, your PRO account will be granted with a number of hours that our team can spend on assistance. In case you run out of hours, you can purchase more at any time during your subscription.

PRO services include;

  • Access to pro.primefaces.org
  • Response at most in 1 business day.
  • Private branch management.
  • Unlimited number of cases.
  • Remote desktop connection.
  • Code Reviews to offer best practices.
  • Conference calls for discussions.
  • High priority to your issues and requests.
  • Non PrimeFaces related general JSF assistance.
  • To get a quote or any other enquiry please contact us.

Go PRO now and start enjoying these exclusive support services!

For more information please see PRO page.

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Jun 03

Chart Component Enhancements

PrimeFaces 3.4 development begins with major enhancements to chart components, it cost us a weekend but well worth it! We’ve started with client-server side api refactoring followed by addition of the new features on top of jqplot as core charting has become so much easier to maintain now. Here are the highlights;

  • Major internal code refactor (Backward compatible)
  • Animated Charts (Demo)
  • Export as an Image (Demo)
  • Zooming (Demo)
  • New options to MeterGauge
  • More control over datatips
  • DateTime support for Category Axis
  • Extender

DateTime support for category axis is a special one because it is the first example of a community funded feature request. PrimeFaces users funded the development collaboratively and we delivered.

jqplot has tons of attributes which we cannot provide support, PrimeFaces charts hides the complexity by rendering the plot with your data using most common required attributes. Still using new extender feature you can configure the chart the way you want before it is rendered on client side. Extender is simply a javascript function that is called before the plot is drawn so that you can override PrimeFaces provided attributes and add more to support any jqplot configuration option.

We hope that you’ll enjoy these new enhancements on charts! Next stop on 3.4 is first-class portlet support, stay tuned!

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May 29

PrimeFaces 3.3 Final Released

Prime Teknoloji is glad to announce the 3.3 release of PrimeFaces. There are 10 issue fixes over the 3.3.RC1 release.


Detailed changelog is available at last week’s RC release announcement.


Please see downloads page to try out the new release. Note that bundle contains binaries, sources, apidoc and vdldoc.


PrimeFaces User’s Guide is updated to 475 pages covering the 3.3 version. See documentation page to download the guide.

Please note that 3.3 is not compatible with PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9.2 so this week we’ll release 0.9.3 version of the mobile ui kit.


Next planned releases are 3.3.1 and 3.4 which will be developed in parallel. Upcoming improvements are;

  • Implementation of community sponsored feature requests, currently 3 requests have reached their funding goals.
  • First class liferay/portlet support. We are currently working with LiferayFaces lead Neil Griffin to resolve a couple of incompatibility problems such as multiportlet support, dataexporter support and more. Thanks to Neil, most of the issues are resolved, we just need to apply his patches and handle the testing/qa.
  • Chart component improvements.
  • DataTable enhancements. (e.g. better dynamic columns handling)
  • New component: MindMap, sponsored request of an enterprise PrimeFaces user which will also be available to community.
  • Regular maintenance.

3.5 will bring in the brand new PrimeFaces Push Framework based on Atmosphere. Atmosphere Founder and Lead Developer Jeanfrancois Arcand will be our guest in our office for a week where he’ll be working with us to initiate the PrimeFaces Push Architecture. New Push Integration will support various browsers (IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera) over various transports (websockets, long-polling, streaming) featuring server side events with optional JMS support.

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May 21

3 New Themes

PrimeFaces Themes 1.0.5 is released featuring 3 new themes; Afterdark, Afternoon and Afterwork. These themes are originally created as Themeroller themes by Martijn Van Der Lee. We’ve ported them as PrimeFaces themes and they are now available to download at PrimeFaces Theme Gallery.


Hope you enjoy the new themes and keep an eye on PrimeFaces Blog for upcoming themes.

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May 21

PrimeFaces 3.3.RC1 Released

Prime Teknoloji is glad to announce the release candidate of the PrimeFaces 3.3. This release brings over 100 improvements, Ajax Framework features such as PFS(PrimeFaces Selectors) and partialSubmit, internal enhancements, new components, major maintenance and much more. Full changelog is available at PrimeFaces issue tracker.



We’ve done a lot of internal improvements and refactoring for 3.3. Overall quality has been significantly improved with various bug fixes and refactoring. It is advised to upgrade to 3.3 considering the list of defect fixes.

Backward Compatibility

  • Scrollable datatable now requires the column width to be defined via width attribute of column instead of style attribute.
  • tiered and sliding type menus have their own components, name tieredMenu and slideMenu.
  • readOnlyInpuText attribute of calendar is renamed to readOnlyInput.
  • Menu component’s position attribute is renamed to overlay as a boolean.


Please visit PrimeFaces Downloads page to try out the new release.


Release Candidate will be available for one week and on 28th PrimeFaces 3.3. Final will be available along with the updated User’s Guide.

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