PrimeNG 1.0.0-RC4 Released

PrimeNG is updated with a new release featuring 21 filed improvements to improve overall quality and the new MIT license.

License Change to MIT

To be more open and permissive, license of PrimeNG has been changed to MIT from Apache. This is the same license as Angular 2.

DataTable Improvements

Multiple selection on touch devices is done by tapping and on other devices metakey-ctrlkey is required to manipulate the selection. In addition editable cells can be navigated using tab key and scrollable table implementation has received updates.


Calendar now also support binding string by parsing the string to a date internally and when writing back you can use dataType=”date|string” to define what kind of data you prefer on ngModel.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes

Breaking Changes


Live Demo

Showcase is updated to RC4 and available for live preview of components.


PrimeNG is available at NPM.


PrimeNG 1.0 final is scheduled for 23st of November and then we’ll start weekly releases. Exciting new features are ahead, please visit the constantly updated roadmap wiki for details. In addition, we’ll start porting Omega and Poseidon admin templates to PrimeNG next week.

PrimeNG 1.0.0-RC1 Released

We’ve announced PrimeNG back in january 2016 and now after months of hard work, PrimeTek is excited to announce that PrimeNG has reached production ready status with RC1 featuring over 70 high quality UI components for Angular 2.

AOT Support

RC1 adds Ahead-of-Time compilation support which is suggested when running Angular 2 in production. Compared to JIT (Just-in-Time), AOT enabled apps work faster and have smaller footprint.


Showcase has lazy-loading enabled as a result load times have been greatly improved.

Full Changelog

For RC1, we’ve mainly focused on maintenance rather than new features and added 30 improvements.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes 

Premium Templates

PrimeNG provides premium application templates, first one is the mighty Ultima featuring a material design language and we’ll provide more by porting them from PrimeFaces such as Poseidon.


PrimeNG is backed by PrimeTek Informatics, a company with years of expertise in building open source rich UI component suites such as PrimeFaces.

With PrimeNG PRO, it’s easy to support, tune and add features to PrimeNG as if it were an in-house framework. PrimeNG PRO is a term based commercial support service. With the exclusive services of Pro account, you no longer need to post your questions in the community forum and your issues to community issue tracker.

Via PRO, we currently work with well known companies around the world.

Please contact us to receive information about PRO.


We plan to do 2 more RCs and then release 1.0. Final on 23rd of November. In the meantime, Ultima-NG will receive updates. After 1.0, we’ll start adding new features such as frozen columns, rows for datatable, new components like spreadsheet, inputTag, colorPicker and more. Exciting times ahead.

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PrimeFaces Elite 6.0.7 Released

PrimeFaces is updated with a new release that improves core parts such as ajax queue, resource management and security for XSS.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


6.0.7 Elite is available at PrimeStore.

PrimeNG 1.0.0-beta.20 Released

PrimeNG beta20 is now available with 3 new components and maintenance improvements. Our initial plan was to do RC1 next week without a new beta however due to community feedback, we’ve decided to do beta20 right before next week’s RC1 release.

Horizontal Tree

Horizontal is the new orientation for tree component enabled by setting orientation=”horizontal”. After 1.0, we’ll create a separate organization chart component.


Steps is a menu component that indicates steps in a flow.


Inplace provides an easy to do editing and display at the same time where clicking the output displays the actual content.

Column Grouping

Column grouping feature of DataTable has been reimplemented to enable custom content support inside grouped headers which has been a popular request. This is a breaking change and the last breaking change before the RC according to the plan. Please visit the demo for the new declarative approach.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


PrimeNG is fully open source and available at NPM.


Our plan is to do 1.0.RC1 next week with AOT support and maintenance improvements followed by week RCs until final release on November. We’ll also include lazy loading to showcase to reduce loading times and provide more tutorials for CLI integration.

PrimeNG 1.0.0-beta.19 Released

PrimeNG 1.0.0-beta.19 is now available featuring the native calendar component, new blockui component, controllable tab close for tabview, picklist enhancements and maintenance fixes.

Native Calendar

We were using jQuery UI datepicker widget for the calendar component which causes a dependency to jquery, jquery ui and jquery ui timepicker, a bit too much for a commonly used component. New calendar is native and does not require jquery, along the way we had to do some changes to the component to work directly with dates instead of string as a result component is not backward compatible.


BlockUI is a new component to block either the whole page or a specific component like panels, datatable, datagrid, fieldset and more.

Full Changelog

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


PrimeNG is fully open source and available at NPM.

Roadmap to 1.0

Next version will be 1.0.0-rc.1 due 2nd of november, then we’ll do two more RCs each week and plan to release 1.0 final on 23rd of november. 1.0 will be a milestone of stability so until final release, we’ll focus on maintenance rather than new features. After 1.0, we’ll add exciting new stuff like spreadsheet component, frozen columns-rows, row grouping, pivot table, customizable filters for datatable and port our premium PrimeFaces templates such as Poseidon to PrimeNG.

PrimeNG has been a success so far with close to 30k downloads monthly, used in many projects varying from corporate to startups all around the world. We’re also glad to see interest in PrimeNG PRO and the premium templates such as Ultima, as a result PrimeTek will invest even more resources for PrimeNG in 2017.

Always bet on Prime!

PrimeFaces Poseidon

PrimeTek is excited to announce the all-new Poseidon premium application template. Based on a flat design language, Poseidon features a fully responsive and touch optimized layout with 3 menu modes, 8 themes and right sidebar for PrimeFaces.

3 Menu Modes

There are 3 menu orientations available; Static, Overlay and Horizontal.

8 Themes

We have included 8 themes out of the box and it is very easy to create your own thanks to sass.

Right Sidebar

An additional sidebar to place content is available at right side.

Mobile Support

Based on a fully responsive layout, Poseidon offers enhanced mobile experience with theming native browser elements and support for special events such as swipe

Template Pages

Landing, login and error pages are provided
as template pages to get started with building your app in no time.

Live Preview

Live demo is available at Poseidon Showcase.


Poseidon is now on sale at PrimeStore.

Premium Templates Update

11 of PrimeFaces premium templates have been updated to bring compatibility with PF 6.0 and improve quality with defect fixes.

Here is the list of updated templates;


Migration is easy as updating theme.jar and layout.js files. If you have any issues, please contact our support team at Prime Forum.


New versions can be downloaded at PrimeStore for existing buyers, please note that these template are not available for sale anymore but maintained as we’ve announced here.

PrimeFaces 6.0.6 Released

PrimeFaces 6.0.6 is now available featuring TreeTable pagination, New TextEditor component, Exporter enhancements, security fixes and more.

TreeTable Pagination

TreeTable now supports paginator to deal with large datasets effectively.

New Text Editor

Editor is deprecated in favor of new TextEditor component.

Exporter Enhancements

PDF and Excel exporters have been improvement with new options api to provide greater control over the exporter component.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


6.0.6 Elite is available at PrimeStore.


We now focus on the remaining big ticket features like Spreadsheet component, Row Grouping for DataTable and the TableState API for DataTable to keep state across pages. These will be available to Elite users soon and later in 6.1 community release around Q1 of 2017.

Ultima Update

Ultima is updated for both PrimeFaces and PrimeNG.

PrimeFaces Version (1.0.5)

Update theme jar, layout-’colorname’.css and layout.js as migration steps.

PrimeNG Version (1.0.2)

An event binding issue regarding topbar menus have been resolved. For migration, only layout.js needs to be updated.


Both versions are available at PrimeStore.

PrimeNG 1.0.0-beta17 Released with Ultima

PrimeTek is excited to announce the new 1.0.0-beta17 release of PrimeNG along with Ultima material admin template. Beta17 introduces the new triStateCheckbox component, native inputMask, various maintenance improvements and the highly anticipated Ultima.


TriStateCheckbox is used to select either true, false or null as an alternative to a regular checkbox.

Native Mask

Input mask was using a jquery plugin and we’ve implemented a native mask component instead, that means you can remove the jquery inputmask plugin dependency if you were using it.

Full Changelog

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes

Breaking Changes

  • InputMask api has slightly changed due to rewrite.
  • DataGrid columns property is removed, instead columns are defined with grid css styles, see documentantation for a sample.


PrimeNG is open source and free under Apache License and can be downloaded from NPM.

PrimeNG Roadmap
Our plan is to do the first release candidate of PrimeNG by the end of october, the blocking enhancement is rewriting the p-calendar as a native component so that we can avoid the dependency to jquery, jquery-ui so that the only jquery dependant component would be p-schedule. At the moment, 95% of the components in PrimeNG are native and the rest are likely to stay as wrappers e.g. google maps. Once 1.0 is out, we’ll offer more new features, bi-weekly releases and more premium templates. According to our research, PrimeNG is miles ahead of any competition and we’ll keep developing it. We want to repeat the success of PrimeFaces in Angular2 world so work day and night to reach this goal.


Ultima closely follows Material Design language with ripple effects, input animations, shadows, cards and more. It is highly customizable with 144 layout combinations in total.

3 Menu Modes

Ultima has 3 menu alternatives,

  • Inline
  • Overlay
  • Horizontal

Light and Dark Menu

Menu has two color alternatives, light and dark that can be used with the 3 orientations listed above.

12 Themes

Next-gen layouts provide multiple themes for the layout and Ultima is no exception, based on material colors, Ultima provides 12 themes out of the box and it is also very easy to come up with your own with sass variables.

2 User Profile Locations

User profile menu can either be located inside the main menu or at topbar.

Topbar Menus

An icon at topbar provides a submenu and in responsive mode they are displayed as stacked.

Enhanced Mobile Experience

On a mobile device, Ultima applies theme colors to the device status and browser bar for a unified look, in addition mobile events such as swipe are enabled to close the overlay menu.

Templates Pages

Landing, login and error pages are provided
as template pages to get started with building your app in no time.


Next-gen layouts are created with Sass, this simplifies maintaining the styles and allows easy customization. For example, we’ve documented how to create your own theme-layout colors for Ultima in case you need something different than the 12 provided themes.

Material Icons

Google has provided over 400 great looking material icons and we’ve converted them into PrimeFaces icons meaning they can be used with the regular ui-icon-* prefix within your component.

Live Preview

Checkout Ultima in active at live preview.


Ultima is available at PrimeStore.

Always bet on Prime!