Jan 10

PrimeFaces Theme Converter

We would like to share a new handy tool with PrimeFaces Users.¬†When you create your custom theme with ThemeRoller, the download gives you a zip file. To create a theme that follows PrimeFaces Theme API Conventions you need to create a jar following a folder structure and replace all the image references in theme css with JSF’s #{resource} resolver. This process can now be done by a 3rd party tool called PrimeFaces Theme Converter¬†authored by Maxim Maximchuk.

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Jan 09

Global Tooltips

One Tooltip to Rule Them All! Tooltip component has been enhanced greatly in PrimeFaces 3.5. With the new global tooltip feature it is now possible to define one tooltip for all clickable components instead of adding tooltips explicitly using for attribute. Text of the tooltip is retrieved from the target component’s title attribute. Ajax updates are supported as well, meaning if target component is updated with ajax, tooltip can still bind.

<p:tooltip />


    <h:panelGrid id="grid" columns="2" cellpadding="5">

        <h:outputText value="Input: " />
        <p:inputText id="focus" title="Tooltip for an input"/>

        <h:outputText value="Link: " />
        <h:outputLink id="fade" value="#" title="Tooltip for a link">
            <h:outputText value="Fade Effect" />

        <h:outputText value="Button: " />
        <p:commandButton value="Update" title="Update components" update="@parent"/>



Check out PrimeFaces Labs to see Global Tooltip in action!

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Jan 07

PrimeUI 0.7 Released With 3 New Widgets

PrimeUI has reached 0.7 released with 3 new widgets ported from PrimeFaces.

Download of the bundle containing minified js and css for PrimeUI is available at PrimeFaces downloads page.

Next release 0.8 will bring dropdown aka selectOneMenu and autoComplete widgets from PrimeFaces. Keep an eye on PrimeUI, it is becoming a first class project in PrimeLand.

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Dec 24

PrimeUI 0.6 Released Featuring Dialog

Dialog has been a popular request from the PrimeUI users and in 0.6 release we have ported Dialog of PrimeFaces to PrimeUI.

Usage is quite simple as dialog just requires a div and optional configuration parameters to customize;

<div id="dlg" title="Header">

<script type="text/javascript">

Next release 0.7 will bring radio and checkbox widgets from PrimeFaces that are used as form decorators.

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Dec 18

PrimeFaces Themes 1.0.9 Released

PrimeFaces Themes 1.0.9 is now available featuring maintenance on Twitter Bootstrap theme and the all-in-one bundle containing all 36 themes.

Oleg Varaksin, Co-Author of Upcoming PrimeFaces Cookbook and Co-Lead of PrimeFaces Extensions project has created an assembly project in extensions to bundle all themes. Thanks to his work, we have incorporated that in themes project to provide all-in-one themes.

Check out PrimeFaces Theme Gallery for download and installation documentation.

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