Apr 17

Spark Gets New Colors

PrimeFaces Spark 1.1 is now available featuring 3 new alternative colors; blue, orange and red in addition to the default green. These colors both apply to layout and the corresponding theme.

Live demo is updated to introduce this new enhancement, check out the “colors” submenu at menubar to change the color scheme.

Spark is available at PrimeFaces Market.


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Apr 13

Moved to GitHub

Google decided to shutdown yet another service-product, in this case it was Google Code where PrimeFaces has been hosted. So we’ve decided to move to GitHub.

All repositories and wiki has been moved already under primefaces organization. Google Code export does not allow exporting issues due to some restrictions and actually we are not very interested in doing an automatic export in the first place. Since the past few years, maintenance of issue tracker became harder due to duplicate reports, invalid ones and other reasons leading us to miss good reports. We’ve been planning to do a cleanup after 5.2 and it is a good coincidence that we are moving to GitHub. So we’ve decided to do a spring cleanup right now and move them one by one after a review. When an issue is decided to be transferred, MovedToGitHub status is added to an issue and a link to GitHub will be added to continue tracking at GitHub issues. We plan to finish review and transfer by end of May.

So a new era begins for PrimeFaces, a fresh start where we hope to receive more contribution to PrimeFaces via pull requests. Happy forking!

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Apr 10

PrimeFaces Elite 5.1.15 Released

PrimeFaces 5.2 is out now and in parallel 5.1.x will be maintained by Elite along with 5.1.x until 5.3 release. 5.1.15 provides over 20 improvements. Some enhancements like customizable positioning and tooltip for pie-donut charts could not make it in 5.2 due to code freeze status of 5.2 release, however they will be in 5.2.1 soon.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


Binaries, Sources, API docs and VDL docs are available in PrimeFaces Elite Portal for ELITE and PRO users as an official release bundle.

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Apr 08

PrimeFaces 5.2.Final Released

It is once again PrimeTime!!! PrimeFaces Team is proud to announce the all-new 5.2 major release, featuring over 270 improvements, new components, new features, significant quality enhancements, accessibility improvements and more. All provided free and open source under Apache License. Note that almost all these features and defect fixes were already available to Elite Subscribers via 5.1.x Elite Releases.

New Components

Diagram and Steps are the two new additions to the suite and PhotoCam has been reimplemented.



New Features

Here are the significant new features;

  • Responsive DataTable
  • Vertical PickList
  • Dynamic Columns for TreeTable
  • Expand mode for DataTable resizable columns
  • GeoCoder for Gmap
  • Ajax events for OrderList and PickList
  • New options for AutoComplete
  • Skin for simple uploader
  • XLSX support for Exporter
  • Confirmation support for Menuitem
  • DataTable rowHover without selection
  • FontAwesome Integration
  • PartialSubmitFilter for Ajax API
  • Dynamic columns support inside ColumnGroups
  • ColumnGroup support for Frozen Columns
  • Resize feature for ColumnGroups
  • New javascript callbacks to certain components
  • Ability to control default state of PanelMenu
  • Improvements to ColumnToggler
  • Configurable sort order for null values in DataTable

Defect Fixes

We’ve fixed and resolved over 100 reported tickets. 5.2 now joins PrimeFaces Elite and development will continue for a greater level of quality and featureset starting from 5.2.1.


Various components such as tree, tabview and accordion has received accessibility enhancements including keyboard navigation and screen reader support.


PrimeFaces Mobile has been updated with touch optimized DataGrid and DataTable components along with general maintenance.


Special thanks to our good friend Jeanfrancois Arcand and his company Async-IO for the improvements in PrimeFaces Push.


There are many compatibility improvements for Liferay, thanks to Neil Griffin and team for their collaboration.


As PrimeFaces is a stable product, there are no breaking changes and event nothing to document for migration. Upgrade from 5.1 should be simple as replacing the jar file.


5.2 is now available at Maven Central, manual download is also available, refer to downloads page for details.


Next major community release is 5.3 due mid september 2015 and Elite for 5.2.x will join bi-weekly release cycle soon. We plan to add exciting new features and maintain the existing functionality. In parallel, our team will continue working on Premium Layouts&Themes.

Always bet on Prime!

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Apr 03

Introducing PrimeFaces Spark

PrimeFaces Team is pleased to announce the brand new SPARK Premium Layout&Theme featuring a flat design language, responsive layout, modern fonts, icons and cross browser support.

View Spark Homepage


Layout is an amazing looking responsive template with a set of xhtml files including dashboard, login, error, 404 along with icons and images to kickstart applications quickly.


Spark theme styles all PrimeFaces components to be compatible with layout for a unified look.


Spark is now available for purchase at PrimeFaces Market.

Live Preview
Live Preview Demo is available at PrimeFaces homepage.


Updates are free of charge for an unlimited period. Our QA team puts in a lot of effort on the testing and depending on community feedback, we’ll keep improving the artifacts for sure.

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Apr 02

PrimeFaces 5.2.RC3 Released

PrimeFaces 5.2.RC3 brings defect fixes reported on the second release candidate, on 6th of April PrimeFaces 5.2. Final will be released so we’d appreciate if you could give RC3 a test run and provide feedback.

Here are all the enhancements;


RC3 can be download manually or via maven, please refer to downloads page.

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Mar 30

PrimeFaces 5.2.RC2 Released

PrimeFaces 5.2.RC2 brings defect fixes reported on the first release candidate, on 6th of April PrimeFaces 5.2. Final will be released so we’d appreciate if you could give RC2 a test run and provide feedback.

Here are the enhancements;

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Mar 25

PrimeFaces Elite 5.1.14 and 5.0.18 Released

PrimeFaces Elite releases are refreshed with to new releases; 5.1.14 and 5.0.18. There are important enhancements like expand mode for DataTable column resize and rowStatePreserved implementation for Data components in addition to Screen Reader support for various components;


New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes

End Support for 5.0.x

As 5.2 Final is due next week, 5.0.x will no longer be maintained by Elite. Support for 5.1.x will be active until 5.3 as usual.


Binaries, Sources, API docs and VDL docs are available in PrimeFaces Elite Portal for ELITE and PRO users as an official release bundle.

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Mar 23

PrimeFaces 5.2.RC1 Released

After months of hard work and dedication, PrimeFaces Team is glad to announce the release candidate of 5.2. As this is a major release, 5.2 is available as an open source and free fully featured community release. It is a great time to take 5.2 for a test run and report back issues you encounter so that we can fix them on final release due next week.

We’ll do a detailed post of the improvements next week with 5.2 Final release, but as an overview;

  • Around 260 improvements.
  • New Diagram Component
  • New Steps Component
  • Improved responsive design features of components
  • Enhanced keyboard access and screen reader compatibility for Accessibility
  • PrimeFaces Push Updates
  • PrimeFaces Mobile Improvements
  • and more.

In 5.2. final announcement, this list will be longer and more detailed.


RC1 can be download manually or via maven, please refer to downloads page.

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Mar 10

Sentinel Live Preview with 1.1

PrimeFaces Team is pleased to announce the new 1.1 Sentinel Layout-Theme release featuring the Live Preview Demo.

Sentinel 1.1 brings the fixes to all the issues reported, provides significant performance improvements, better cross device compatibility and improved quality. We’ve also converted the left menu to a PrimeFaces component under Sentinel’s own namespace to make usage easier and also to take advantage of PrimeFaces features such as MenuModel.

Here is the full changelog;

Migration is trivial and a guide is available at documentation page of Sentinel.

Sentinel 1.1 is available at PrimeFaces Market, as announced before upgrades are free of charge.

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