PrimeNG Ultima Reloaded

Ultima 2.0 for PrimeNG is now available with full support for PrimeNG 2, major refactor of the layout structure, performance improvements and more.

Native Angular

Ultima 1.x was using jquery for the layout part, although this was working, it was fragile and same functionality can be written in Angular. That is what we did for 2.0, removed jquery bits and rewritten the layout in pure angular. Result is better performance and it works so much better within the context of Angular.

Ultima is now the ultimate Angular seed project as it is based on Angular CLI.

PrimeNG 2.0

PrimeNG 2.0 brings various improvements, due to the changes on the css structure side, Ultima had to be updated to be compatible.

Live Demo

Preview demo is available at Ultima Showcase.


Ultima is on sale at PrimeStore.


Visit the detailed documentation page to get started, integration with existing projects, migration guide and more.


PrimeTek offers premium support at the dedicated Ultima customer support forum.

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