PrimeNG 2.0.RC1 Released

PrimeTek is thrilled to announce the first release candidate for PrimeNG featuring various enhancements, quality improvements, new features and more.

CSS over JS

PrimeNG 1 was using js to add hover effects and focus events, this was causing an unnecessary change detection in the context of Angular so we’ve reimplemented this to use CSS pseudo instead. Result is better performance, especially significant on pages with a lot of widgets.


DataTable is the most complex component and to deal with complexity it has been revamped to have separate internal components like headers, body, scrollable views. This allows us to implement the new Frozen Columns easily. Another important add-on is the customizable editable cells. Highlight anticipated column resize support for scrollable tables is also now available.


Various components such as Dropdown, Calendar have received performance improvements, results are significant and performance has been improved drastically.


Thanks to the included defect fixes, quality is being improved with each release.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes

Premium Templates

The two premium templates are not yet compatible with 2.0, we’re currently working on this and they will get a new release early next week. Just like Ultima, Omega will be based on CLI. Both will replace some of the core jquery bits they use with native angular. Then we’ll start porting Poseidon, Atlantis, Verona and the upcoming Barcelona templates from PrimeFaces.


PrimeNG is free to use under MIT license and distributed at npm.

Migration Guide

  • header and footer components are replaced with p-header and p-footer
  • Components having templates such as DataGrid, DataList, PickList, Listbox now require pTemplate=”item” directive to be defined on the template element.


There will be more RCs and on 6th of february 2.0 Final will be released. After 2.0, we’ll continue adding improvements like new features, accessibility, rtl and new components including Spreadsheet.

Always bet on Prime!

5 thoughts on “PrimeNG 2.0.RC1 Released

  1. Awesome Congrats!!! There are many new features and defect fixes in this release.But at the end I can say this release gives more priority on optimizing Performance.