Ultima NG 1.1 Released with CLI

Ultima 1.1.0 is now available with full support for PrimeNG 1.1.x and integration with CLI.

Compatibility with PrimeNG 1.1

PrimeNG has switched to em units and border box sizing in 1.1 release and Ultima has been updated to compatible with these changes.

Angular CLI

Ultima is now based on Angular CLI to get you started in no time following the best practices. Instead of the “App Works” text in CLI, you now get a premium and great looking application template. All CLI commands are available such as creating a new component, new module, environments like dev, prod and getting production builds. Ultima is now the Ultimate Angular 2 seed project as it combines the abilities of CLI with a production ready application template powered by PrimeNG components.


Here is the full list of changelog that also includes a couple of bug fixes.


For existing users, update is simple as replacing theme and layout css files in the distribution. For details, visit the new documentation page.

Live Preview

Ultima showcase is online for live preview.


Ultima is available for purchase at PrimeStore.

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