PrimeNG 1.1 Released

PrimeTek is excited to announce the 1.1 release for PrimeNG featuring the all-new Bootstrap (4) theme, customizable datatable filters, advanced row grouping and more. In total, there over 40 improvements.

Bootstrap Theme

PrimeNG does not depend on bootstrap in any way however if you need to use PrimeNG components with it, we have a free theme based on bootstrap styling. The theme itself also does not require bootstrap and can be used standalone as well.

CSS Refactoring

We’ve reviewed the entire css of the components and migrated them to em units, this makes scaling easier and also we’re now using box-sizing border-box which makes sure 3rd party libs like bootstrap, zend, semantic do not break PrimeNG components.

Customizable DataTable Filters

DataTable now supports using custom elements as filters via the new filter template so you’ll be able to use dropdowns, sliders, spinners as filters.

Row Grouping

Rows can either be grouped by a separate grouping row or using rowspan. Additional optional features are toggleable groups and footer rows.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes

Deprecation Notice

pTemplate now requires the type value using pTemplate=”value” syntax instead of pTemplate type=”value”. Both cases are supported and in 2.0, we’ll remove support for the former.

Breaking Changes

Row expansion template requires a pTemplate whose value is rowexpansion to correctly identify it.

Ultima Users

A special note for Ultima Material Template users, 1.1 is not compatible with Ultima and we’ll update Ultima next week with full support and various other enhancements such as RTL support, colored growl messages and error messages support for material inputs.

License and Download

PrimeNG is fully open source under MIT license and can be downloaded from NPM.


Next major version is 2.0, it is planned to be fully backward compatible. We’ll do an internal refactor to replace javascript based ui-state-hover, ui-state-focus with pseudo :hover and ui-state-focus where necessary, this will reduce code on our end and speed up the application as it will avoid unnecessary¬†change detection runs. Captcha will be the new component and we’ll also introduce the Spreadsheet component that provides excel like functionality with initial set of core editing features. Development time is expected to be 3 weeks and 2.0.RC1 is set to 11 January 2017 so we’ll start the new year with a new major release. After that we’ll stay on 2.x.

We’re really happy with the increasing number of PrimeNG PRO Support subscribers such as FOX Network Group, Mercedes-Benz and also there is a lot of interest in premium templates such as Ultima. As a result, PrimeTek has decided to invest even more in PrimeNG in 2017 by expanding the team to start with.

Always bet on Prime!

4 thoughts on “PrimeNG 1.1 Released

  1. Is this will be applied to primefaces too? I mean the boostrap theme and the review of all css. This way we can use boostrap with primefaces too

  2. Congratulations. You have come a long way. I have been playing with angular2 and primeng for quite sometime. I must admit that the quality and the ease of use with elegant documentation has made my experience pleasant. Please convey my thanks to each and every member who worked on this release.