End of Sale for Some Premium Templates

In spring 2016, we’ve drastically changed how we create premium application templates which has involved new team members (developer+designer), new tools (sketch, zeplin), sass and more. Details are available at our official announcement.

There are four stages in product lifecycle; Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline. Following templates have completed their lifecycle so they are now at End of Sale (EOS) state, meaning they won’t be offered for sale anymore at PrimeStore.

We strongly want to emphasize that end of sale does not mean end of life. We’ll continue updating them periodically and provide technical support at their dedicated forum topics. There is no end of life or no end of support planned or even considered for these products. For instance next week, all 11 of them will get new releases for existing users. They are mature and stable projects, the updates will mostly contain maintenance improvements however we might add small new features if there is popular demand amongst users. Their forum and issue tracker are the best places to give feedback so that we can continuously improve them.

New sales will only be available for nextgen layouts such as Icarus, Omega, Apollo, Ultima and the upcoming ones. There is no end of sale planned for nextgen layouts in the future as we’ve done a significant amount of investment and planning for them recently to make a fresh start for our product suite based on PrimeFaces and PrimeNG.

As always PrimeTek guarantees continous support and backing for all its products.

5 thoughts on “End of Sale for Some Premium Templates

  1. I have bought some themes, like “ultima” but I cant find how to install it.

    I tried to put just the .jar file in WEB-INF/lib and add it to the class-path/build-path but it cant find the theme.css file.

    Could you help me?

  2. I want to use the spark theme for a customer (I have a BASIC license) for example.
    So the customer would need to purchase an EXTENDED license in order to use the Theme, but now he won’t be able to purchase that license due to EOS?
    How would this be handled?