PrimeFaces 6.1 Roadmap

PrimeFaces 6.1 is under development and we thought it would be a useful to give an update to the community along with the upcoming features.


Spreadsheet will be the highlight of 6.1 providing an excel like functionality, it is basically a specialized datatable for editable data.

TriStateCheckbox is also another one which is available since 6.0.1 to elite subscribers.

New Features

DataTable will get enhancements such as row grouping, a better subtable and TableState api that automatically keeps its state across pages so whenever the users changes the state of data e.g. paging, sorting, filtering the state gets lost once the user leaves the page. With new TableState feature, datatable will be able to keep its state across pages. Also we have plans to integrate Dialog Framework with FacesFlows.


As usual, high level of support for section 508 is one of our primary goals, many components have first class aria, keyboard and screen reader support already. We’ll keep working on the components who have room for improvements regarding accessibility.

Defect Fixes

Our team constantly works on fixing the reported defects and we’ll continue to improve the overall quality of the library.

Backward Compatibility

As with recent releases, there are no planned breaking changes so update will be smooth.

New Website

A brand new will be ready in 2 weeks time featuring a modern and responsive look.


6.1 final is planned for mid january 2017, after holiday period and we hope to do various RCs before. Progress will be delivered to Elite subscribers bi-weekly until then so they will have early access.

Always bet on Prime!

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  1. Great!
    I like to use PrimeFases in my projects.

    I think the date of release es wrong.