PrimeStore and New Elite Pricing

We’re excited to announce the all-new PrimeStore, the marketplace for all the Prime goodness. Market and Elite apps are discontinued and the service will be delivered at Store from now on.

PrimeStore is created using PrimeFaces 6.0 and provides features to purchase premium layouts, themes for PrimeFaces, PrimeNG, PrimeUI and subscribe to Elite. In addition, you’ll be able to track orders and view invoices as well.

An important change is the new payment processor, instead of PayPal, store is integrated with Payu. The payments are handled by them with a high level of security featuring 128-bit ssl encryption.

New store is ready for the upcoming new products such as Icarus, Omega and Morpheus premium layouts and themes.

New Elite Pricing

PrimeFaces Elite has been a popular option to get bi-weekly releases and along with new store we’ve decided to set a new price to make it more accessible. Instead of $249 per developer for 1 year, the new price is only $99 and there are more great news;

We’re glad to announce that, Elite Subscribers will get the Omega Layout inside the Elite package without the extra cost. Elite releases complete PrimeFaces and the Premium Omega Layout will also complete the free Omega theme in PrimeFaces from now on. Omega Layout will be available in one month, right after Icarus. ¬†They are the very first layouts-themes that we call Next-Gen. Please note that Omega Layout as standalone will be $39 itself.

Always bet on Prime!

4 thoughts on “PrimeStore and New Elite Pricing

  1. In many ways an improvement, thanks, but why just this payment method? Now I need to get a creditcard to just get elite?

  2. VISA credit cards from US are not accepted. Please advise wire transfer method details.