PrimeFaces 6.0 Released

PrimeFaces Team is glad to announce that PrimeFaces 6.0 Final is now available featuring 345 filed improvements, new components, new features and enhancements, new Omega community theme and improved quality.

New Components

Various components have been promoted to PrimeFaces from Extensions project as a result of merger. These are;

Omega Theme

Aristo started to look outdated so we’ve created a new modern looking default theme called Omega.

There will also be a Next-Gen Premium Layout for Omega to complete it soon. Here is the main design with a vertical menu. There will also be a horizontal top bar menu option.


Our team has spent a lot of time on reported issue reports and there are 150 defect fixes in 6.0 that improves the overall quality. These were delivered to Elite subscribers bi-weekly and now they are available to whole community as well.


We’ve invested in many hours to improve the accessibility of the components for 508 compliance regarding keyboard and screen reader support. There is even now localization support for screen readers.


PrimeFaces User Guide is updated along with new api-vdl docs at documentation page.


6.0 is available at Maven Central.

Thank you

It has been a long ride since 5.3 and we’d like to thank two core developers of PrimeFaces; Mert Sincan and Thomas Andraschko, without their lead, it wouldn’t be possible to have all these enhancements. Also special thanks to PrimeFaces power users Oleg Varaksin, Sudheer Jonna and Ronald van Kuijk for their continous feedback on 6.0. Finally thanks to all community members who have reported issues, made pull requests and provided feedback to improve PrimeFaces


As of today, we’re officially starting to work on 6.1 and our estimate is mid autumn as the release date. Along with regular improvements, there will be a new spreadsheet component to provide excel like functionality. In addition, our design team is working on new next-gen premium layouts and theme for PrimeFaces.

Always bet on Prime!

17 thoughts on “PrimeFaces 6.0 Released

  1. I’m using primefaces on my job since i get here and i dont regret nothing. Every week something happens that make me very glad to primefaces and to you guys.
    You guys are making a great job there, congrats!!

  2. It is hard to look at any other web framework when JSF + Primefaces gives you so much. Keep up the great work!

  3. When will the premium themes be released to be compatible with 6.0?

    • We plan to do the updates next week, main work is done and being tested at the moment.

  4. Great work – is there a ChangeLog available to see the 345 filed improvements?

  5. Excellent work! I did have a question about the components still left behind in the extensions project. Is there any reason they should not work still with the new version? In particular, I’m looking at the tri-state checkbox.