PrimeFaces 5.3 Released

PrimeFaces Team is proud to announce the 5.3 release of PrimeFaces. There are 235 filed improvements, new and rewritten components, greatly improved responsive design features, accessibility enhancements and more.

Responsive Design

Primary focus of 5.3 has been improving the responsiveness of the components so that they play nicely when used in a responsive layout such as PrimeFaces Premium Layouts. There is a new demo page where we used all the responsive components. Components like dialog, carousel get a new responsive attribute to configure behavior and many of the form elements get 100% width using .ui-fluid style class.

Signature Component

Signature is the brand new component for the suite, it is implemented as an input component to benefit from validations such as required validation. Mobile support is also provided.

DragDrop Support for Touch Enabled Devices

This was a major limitation preventing dragdrop enabled components such as slider, dragdrop components, picklist working on a touch enabled mobile device. We’ve added some tweaks so that any dragdrop functionality works well in these devices.

Reimplemented Components

Carousel is reimplemented to support responsive design and Captcha is updated to support reCaptcha V2.


There are over 100 defect fixes, these has been delivered to Elite Subscribers periodically and now they are available to community users as well.

Migration Guide

There are no breaking changes as usual so upgrade should be simple as replacing the 5.2 jar with 5.3. Please see migration guide if you have an old version.


5.3 is available at Maven Central, please see downloads page for more information.


Next version is 5.4 scheduled for February 2016. 5.2.x Elite will be supported until then and 5.3.x Elite support will support in 2 weeks. Accessibility is well provided in PrimeFaces however we’ll take it to next step and in this version we’ll fully focus on accessibility to make sure components are ARIA compatible. Keyboard accessibility and screen reader support are our priorities for the components that do not support them. Another point of interest is datatable enhancements such as dynamic grouping.

You know what they say, Always bet on Prime!

4 thoughts on “PrimeFaces 5.3 Released

  1. Is PrimeFaces Extensions 3.2.0 still compatible with this new release? Or do we have to wait for a new version of PrimeFaces Extensions?


  2. Great news. I have just started learning PrimeFaces, do you recommend starting from this version? How much different it is from earlier version?