Moved to GitHub

Google decided to shutdown yet another service-product, in this case it was Google Code where PrimeFaces has been hosted. So we’ve decided to move to GitHub.

All repositories and wiki has been moved already under primefaces organization. Google Code export does not allow exporting issues due to some restrictions and actually we are not very interested in doing an automatic export in the first place. Since the past few years, maintenance of issue tracker became harder due to duplicate reports, invalid ones and other reasons leading us to miss good reports. We’ve been planning to do a cleanup after 5.2 and it is a good coincidence that we are moving to GitHub. So we’ve decided to do a spring cleanup right now and move them one by one after a review. When an issue is decided to be transferred, MovedToGitHub status is added to an issue and a link to GitHub will be added to continue tracking at GitHub issues. We plan to finish review and transfer by end of May.

So a new era begins for PrimeFaces, a fresh start where we hope to receive more contribution to PrimeFaces via pull requests. Happy forking!

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