PrimeFaces 5.0 Final Released

It is once again PrimeTime! PrimeTek and PrimeFaces Team is pleased to announce the next generation of PrimeFaces as known as PF5. After months of hard work and dedication, PF5 is available to the Java EE community as a fully featured community release with Apache License.

So what is new in PF5?

Brand New Chart API
Chart components have been working well but there were limitations, new chart API introduces a new generic chart component following a model driven approach. Along the way, we have added a couple of features as well such as Date Axis support and multiple axis.

New Components

New components are always expected from a major PF release and 5 is not an exception;

  • DataScroller
  • Cache
  • Spotlight
  • ColumnToggler
  • ContentFlow

Features for Existing Components

Existing components have been enhanced with new features such as;

  • DragDrop based reordering for DataTable
  • Advanced filtering for DataTable
  • Frozen Columns for DataTable
  • Sorting for TreeTable
  • Easy javascript execution on initial page load for RequestContext
  • Filtering for SelectManyMenu and SelectOneListbox
  • ScrollPanel is reimplemented
  • Built-in mask support for calendar.


PF5 provides a powerful exception handler by default, special thanks to Thomas Andraschko for implementing this and his many other contributions for this release.

PrimeFaces Mobile

PrimeFaces Mobile (PFM) is reimplemented from scratch and now merged in PrimeFaces Core.

PrimeFaces Mobile (PFM) is a UI Kit to create JSF applications optimized for mobile devices. PFM is built on top of jQuery Mobile, a touch-optimized HTML5 UI framework providing support for various platforms.

In addition to the seamless integration with jQuery Mobile, PFM features a Mobile Renderkit for popular PrimeFaces components, ajax framework extensions, mobile ajax behavior events, integrated navigation model, lazy loading of pages, responsive widgets and more.

PrimeFaces Push

Our partner, the founder of Atmosphere Framework, Async-IO has greatly improved PrimeFaces Push as an outsource contract. PrimeFaces Push 2.0 is based on Atmosphere as its predecessor and follows an annotation based approach this time. Old APIs are deprecated and still supported for backward compatibility. Special thanks to our good friend, founder of Atmosphere and Async-IO, Jeanfrancois Arcand for implementing PrimeFaces Push 2.0. Many framework try to use Atmosphere for Push support however PrimeFaces Push is developed by the creator of Atmosphere.

As usual, various components have been improved for keyboard and screenreader accessibility.

PF5 is available at maven central repository, you just need to upgrade your version to 5.0. Visit downloads page for details.

PrimeFaces User Guide is updated to cover 5.0. VDL and API docs are also available online. Please visit documentation page to access all the resources.

Migration Guide
Migrating from PF4 to PF5 should be an easy task, many of the changes are backward compatible with deprecation notices. See the migration guide for more information.

Full Changelog
Detailed changelog is available for the full list of changes.

PrimeFaces Elite has now been initiated for PF5, in two weeks time, we’ll start Elite Support for PF5 with the first 5.0.1 release while 4.0.x Elite support will continue.

New Showcase
A brand new showcase is being worked on, we hope to present it in 2-3 weeks time.

Next major community version would be 5.1 and our plan is to release is it in September 2014 after summer. Focus will be improving the quality and provide responsive design capabilities to the core components. Mobile development has two popular approaches, responsive vs separate page. PFM provides a solution for the separate page approach and with 5.1, PF core is planned to be optimised for responsive design.


4 thoughts on “PrimeFaces 5.0 Final Released

  1. Congratulations.
    A new era of JSF and PrimeFaces development has begun.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Congrats on PF5…love the improvements. Happy to have PF Mobile integrated into the core. Keep up the good work!