NetBeans 8 Loves PrimeFaces

Geertjan Wielenga, a good friend of PrimeFaces and the Oracle product manager on the NetBeans team has created a screencast demonstrating the new built-in PrimeFaces CRUD generator of NetBeans 8. Enjoy!

NetBeans 8 will be awesome!!!

3 thoughts on “NetBeans 8 Loves PrimeFaces

  1. Looking forward to NetBeans 8. I hope NetBeans 8 will be released with PrimeFaces 4.0 instead of PrimeFaces 3.5. I think NetBeans 7.4 was released with PrimeFaces 3.5 even though PrimeFaces 4.0 was (already) released prior to NetBeans 7.4.

    I might be wrong though. I don’t remember. :)

  2. NetBeans built-in PrimeFaces CRUD generator reduces the task of additional configuration from the separate plugins or addons.May be I need to edit the PF book about plugin support to Netbeans 8 built-in support :)