PrimeFaces 4.0 Released

PrimeFaces Team is pleased to announce the 4.0 Final Release. After months of development and hard work, 4.0 is now available, free as a community release (fully featured suite under apache license). There are close to 350 improvements over 3.5, please see full changelog for details.

JSF 2.2 Support

PrimeFaces 4.0 brings first-class support for JSF 2.2. Important features like pass through attributes, reset values, servlet 3.x uploads are supported. Thanks to internal runtime detection, 4.0 can also run on 2.0 and 2.1 implementations.

Client Side Validation Framework

CSV is one of the highlights of 4.0, bringing JSF validations to the client side using a lightweight approach with HTML5. Bean validation is supported out of the box in addition to the features like custom events, APIs for extension, localization and more.

Dialog Framework

Dialog Framework is an alternative approach to using declarative dialogs, using DF it is easy to reuse external xhtml views in dialogs thanks to the dynamic approach of DF. Advanced features like customization and communication between host-dialog are also provided.

Search Expressions

Search Expressions goes beyond the basic keyword support of JSF by providing new keywords, improves PFS with jQuery selector integration and more. It has never been easier to find components.

Deferred Loading

OutputPanel is equipped with handy deferred loading mechanism, using this feature you are able to load content after page load or when a certain area becomes visible after scrolling.

HTML5 FileUpload

FileUpload has been rewritten from scratch to fix the problems of old one. Powered by HTML5, new fileupload adds new features and has been improved greatly in terms of quality.

Component Features

There are new components like fragment, multiSelectListbox, sticky and existing components have been improved with new features such as sticky datatable headers, dragdrop for tree, grid layout for checkbox-radio and many more.


Until 4.0, there has been 16 Elite Maintenance releases. Thanks to PrimeFaces Elite, quality has been improved drastically in 4.0 and will be much better with the frequent 4.0.x Elite Releases.


User’s Guide is updated to cover 4.0 and has reached 530 pages. It is available at documentation page.

Maven Central

PrimeFaces 4.0 is in maven central repository available for download, snapshots will also be deployed to oss snapshots repository.

Elite Discount

For a limited perioud until 4.0.1, we are now offering %20 discount for 1 year Elite Subscription that reduces the fee from 249$ to 199$.


We’ll now focus on releasing PrimeFaces Mobile 1.0 which was on hold due to 4.0 dependencies and the PrimeUI 1.0. PrimeFaces 4.1 will be available in Q1 of 2014 and  Elite Development for 4.0.x will start as of today whereas Elite for 3.5.x will be available until the end of 2013.

Always bet on Prime!

20 thoughts on “PrimeFaces 4.0 Released

  1. Grats !
    Can’t wait to start finding bugs … ehm, use it I mean

    Seriously though congrats on this epic release !

  2. Congrats Cagatay and your team for the hard work! You’re done this, after long waiting PrimeFaces is in the Maven central repo.

    I will release PrimeFaces Extensions today.

  3. Congrats!!!

    Does JSF 2.2 support mean that I can run Primefaces application on Glassfish 4.0?

  4. Great job guys for the hard work. I really appreciate your hard work. A new phase of JSF application development has just begun.

    Keep it up.


  5. Thank you for all this effort and congratulations to all primefaces team members. We are happy to have this excellent jsf framework.

  6. Wow, I just recognized this blog post! Congratulations Cagatay, Thomas, and the rest of the PrimeFaces team!

    I remember when PrimeFaces 3.5 was released, I was very very satisfied with that release, and said to myself, that I don’t need any more PrimeFaces releases, but PrimeFaces (just) keep getting better and better….and better, so PrimeFaces 4.0.RC1 gave us a preview of how good PrimeFaces 4.0 was…and will be!

    Thank YOU!

  7. Great job guys, this is a fantastic update to the suite and all the hard work has certainly paid off.

    Thank you

  8. Congratulations PrimeFaces Team. Can you please publish the themes also in maven repository.

  9. Any people can put the user manual in mediafire for example? Some countries such as Cuba, where I live we can not download anything from google sites.
    this is what apacere when I try to download the manual:
    403. That’s an error.
    Request not allowed from your country That’s all we know.