Brand New HTML5 FileUpload

FileUpload component has been rewritten from scratch to fix the problems of old one and provide new features. It is powered by HTML5 (File API) and has graceful degradation for legacy browsers (e.g. IE8, IE9).

  • Two modes (Simple and Advanced)
  • Multiple file selection from file dialog
  • Progress Tracking
  • DragDrop support from filesystem
  • Graceful Degradation (e.g. IFrame uploads instead of XHR2)
  • Merge mode to send all files in one request
  • Commons FileUpload for JSF 2.1 and Servlet 3.0 Multipart for JSF 2.2
  • Customizable Image Preview
  • File count limit, size limit and type limit.
  • Auto Uploads
  • Callbacks like start, error and complete
  • Customizable validation error messages

New FileUpload will be available in PrimeFaces ELITE 3.5.9 and 4.0 (codename SENTINEL).

16 thoughts on “Brand New HTML5 FileUpload

  1. Nice solution, the old one was making troubles to me with implementing, hope this will be fine, I’l try it imediately when I get home from work :)

  2. HTML5 fileupload looks awesome with many features.It may reduce number of posts/issues list in community forum.Is it based/deveoped on JSF2.2 fileupload ?

    • No, JSF 2.2 FileUpload is like h:dataTable, PrimeFaces FileUpload is like p:dataTable ;)

  3. WOW! very very nice, Cagatay (and PrimeFaces team)!!!

    PrimeFaces (upcoming) ‘Sentinel’ 4.0 release is looking… ‘sentinel’!!!

  4. Great news, was looking forward for this announcement for a while. Is there any actual release date for elite version 3.5.9?

  5. Great improvement but the UI is still restrictive.

    For version 4.0 I will suggest you allow the developer to design the UI using PF components. For example, I might prefer the items being uploaded to be in a data grid format instead of a list format. It would be nice to implement FileUpload to be capable of rendering other major components in it.

    • I’m afraid not due to jquery version dependencies, new fileupload depends on latest jquery apis, the one in 3.4.x is the old jquery and updating it will break many other components.

  6. Just one question! When the new version of PF will be available for simple developers?=)