PrimeFaces for ASP.NET 0.1 Released

PrimeFaces.NET is the port of PrimeFaces for JSF as an open source rich control suite for ASP.NET WebForms. 0.1 version is the initial release with 13 controls including Accordion, TabView, Spinner, Slider, Panel, Fieldset and more.


DLL is available at PrimeFaces Downloads page.


0.1 has been a good start for us, initial plan was to add 5 controls but we ended up with 13 controls once we acquired the know how. Special thanks to my colleagues Ihsan Yapıcıoğlu and Cihan Öğüt for their hard work on this first release. Also Rémi Bonnaud for contribution of 3 controls. From now on, we’ll keep doing frequent releases with many new controls, introduce ajax and theming functionality as well. We also consider working on ASP.NET MVC after WebForms version reaches a production ready stage.

PrimeFaces.NET is the final piece of the Product Trilogy from PrimeTek Informatics, all three projects are being developed in parallel where PrimeFaces itself is the flagship.

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