PrimeUI 0.9 Released

PrimeUI is back with a brand new release and closer than ever to 1.0 Final. This 0.9 release brings 7 new widgets from PrimeFaces making 27 widgets in total.

  • ProgressBar
  • Menu
  • Menubar
  • ContextMenu
  • TieredMenu
  • SlideMenu
  • Breadcrumb

PrimeUI is a collection of standalone javascript and css based widgets that fit perfect for a REST-JAVASCRIPT-JSON based programming model like JAX-RS, however it can also be used with any framework like PHP, JSP, ASP, ASP.NET, GWT, Vaadin, Tapestry.


PrimeUI Website has received a facelift and demos are available online.


0.9 release along with previous releases are available at downloads page.


As a believer of open source model, PrimeUI is licensed under Apache License by PrimeTek.


1.0 is on the corner and two new highly anticipated widgets from PrimeFaces will be ported to PrimeUI. These are the DataTable and the Tree.

2 thoughts on “PrimeUI 0.9 Released

  1. Hi Optimus Prime,

    I’am not a JQuery UI expert. What are the advantages of using Prime UI instead of using JQuery UI directly?

  2. Congrats !! All the components in the showcase looks very good.Looking forward to see PF main component like Datatable.:)