PrimeFaces 3.5.1 Released via PrimeFaces ELITE

As we’ve announced before PrimeTek has a new maintenance policy on PrimeFaces called PrimeFaces ELITE.

In summary, fixes/enhancements are now committed both to public trunk (e.g. 3.6) on google code for public availability and to our private branches (e.g. 3.5.1). New features on the other hand goes only in the public repository. Periodically maintenance releases build from the private branches will be offered to PrimeFaces ELITE and PRO users exclusively. These releases are certified releases by PrimeTek licensed under PrimeFaces Commercial License and considered to be production ready.

As the fixes are also available in public repo, if you or your organization do not want to subscribe to ELITE or PRO to access these releases, there are alternatives;

  • Wait for the next major release to receive the fixes.
  • Build PrimeFaces from source of trunk and use the binary with the risk of instability of a development build.

Elite Portal

In order to access certified releases, you need to login at PrimeFaces Elite Portal¬†with your community account. If you have active subscriptions, all the available releases are listed, if not system will provide a payment option. Once the payment is completed, in your next login you’ll be able to see all the available releases. Elite Portal is a small online application created with PrimeFaces and integrated with payment processor automatically so that you can upgrade your community account to Elite in five minutes.

Annual Subscription per Developer Seat is 199$ (16$ per month), providing access to all maintenance releases for a year with a one time fee.


The first outcome of PrimeFaces ELITE is 3.5.1 release featuring 20 fixes over 3.5 release;

Download is available to Elite Users exclusively.


Our new maintenance policy or in short Elite, motivates us to do more frequent maintenance releases and focus on the stability and quality of PrimeFaces. Plan is to make a maintenance release when we reach 10 fixes in the actively developed branch and provide it via Elite.

PrimeTek is a true believer in open source, since the origin, PrimeFaces is licensed under Apache License along with PrimeUI. Upcoming PrimeFaces.NET will also be open source under Apache License.

23 thoughts on “PrimeFaces 3.5.1 Released via PrimeFaces ELITE

  1. Cagatay what if i want to buy for now only this release???. The elite version only let me buy the annual subscription. I think this is great, the price for elite is good! I am from Argentina and for me this is a reasonable price, and with this we can have more frequent releases!

    • We thought about a single release but Elite is far more better in terms of cost so decided on annual subscription only as it was also demanded from the community instead of single release purchases.

  2. The Elite price model is a great solution, which I have seen in other open source products before. It’s a fair price.

  3. How does the per developer seat license work? If I have 3 developers working on the project that uses PrimeFaces, do I need to buy licenses for 3 developer seats?

    • Yes, it is “per developer seat”. If there are 10+ developers, I’d suggest upgrading to PRO.

  4. Thanks for creating an affordable way to support Primefaces with the ELITE plan. I heavily make use of PF in many projects and it has saved me a ton of time, but I couldn’t get my work to pay for the PRO plan.

  5. What will append to OpenSource projects such as NetBean Crud Generator, Spring Fuse… ? They will never fixed with maintenance release ?

  6. Is there a reason that 3.6-SNAPSHOT hasn’t been updated since March 15?

    Also, how would a project using maven use 3.5.1?

    • Binary builds of trunk are deployed periodically like couple of times a week, current one belongs to 23 March.
      There is no maven repo, 3.5.1 should be installed manually to your local repo.

  7. Most new bugs reported by community users are for still in state “Review”. Some of those are preventing us to upgrade from 3.4.1 to 3.5. Is there any way we can pay an hourly rate to fix some of them without becoming a pro user?