PrimeFaces Crud Generator with NetBeans

NetBeans already has good level of JSF enabled CRUD generation out of the box. Kay Wrobel, a PrimeFaces community member has extended this support to provide a CRUD generator to unleash the full potential of NetBeans and PrimeFaces.

From project website;;

This module provides a forked version of the JSF Pages from Entity Classes wizard inside NetBeans but produces PrimeFaces JSF pages with page layout, menu and dialog boxes.”.

Wizard Pager Customizations, Search Label Artifacts & Library Version Info

Dialog showing Support for Calendar and OutputLabel

Showing sample list and menu

This plugin is officially supported by us since we are in touch with Kay Wrobel and our friends at NetBeans Team. Thanks to Kay for his great work and the NetBeans Team for providing such a powerful infrastructure.

In case you missed there are also alternative CRUD tools for PrimeFaces like SpringROO and the online SpringFuse.

8 thoughts on “PrimeFaces Crud Generator with NetBeans

  1. Quite cool tool! :)
    If this works well enough, and with recent PrimeFaces versions, this might be enough to change from Eclipse(or JBoss Tools) to Netbeans.

    Great work anyway! :)

  2. This is excessively cool! I implemented it right away. Many compliments for this great project! Will there be an online link to the plugin so that updates will be picked up by Netbeans automagically?



  3. +1

    I learned JSF JPA CRUD via NetBeans CRUD tutorial (highlighting NetBeans CRUD code generation features), so I will definitely +1 this blog post, because NetBeans + PrimeFaces + CRUD generator is all good! :)

    • Instead of ‘crying out loud’, listen-and-or-heed to blog posts like this one, and why they are posting blogs like this… evidently, they are trying to show people that NetBeans is where it is at!!!

      And for that, I will +1 netBeans over eclipse…any day! :)