PrimeUI 0.8 Released

PrimeFaces Team is pleased to announce the new 0.8 release of PrimeUI library. This releases brings in 4 new widgets from PrimeFaces.

Although these widgets are ported from PrimeFaces, there are significant differences in implementation as PrimeUI targets REST and Heavy client side development. For example, autocomplete widget can accept a local array of suggestions or a remote call that can be a RESTful webservice that returns JSON.

Next planned release 0.9 will introduce various menu components that are already available in PrimeFaces such as menu, menubar, tieredMenu, slideMenu, contextMenu and megaMenu so it will take around one month since PrimeFaces Mobile is also under heavy development. PrimeUI 1.0 on the other hand will introduce the highly anticipated datatable widget which will have basic features like paging and sorting to being with.

Keep an eye on PrimeUI!

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