PrimeFaces Cookbook

PrimeFaces Cookbook is published today.

The book features many topics that you cannot find in forum, showcase or the user’s guide. Cookbook is a great resource for anyone who is doing active PrimeFaces development.

  • Learn basic concepts to be able to work with PrimeFaces.
  • Delve deep into 100+ rich UI components with all the required details
  • Get solutions to typical and advanced use cases
  • Use the best practices, avoid pitfalls, and get performance tips when working with the component suite
  • Gain know-how of writing custom components on basis of the PrimeFaces’ core functionality
  • Meet additional components from the PrimeFaces Extensions

Congratulations to Authors Oleg Varaksin & Mert Çalışkan along with reviewers Andrew Bailey and Hebert Coelho de Oliveira. Thanks to Packt Publishing for their continuous support in open source technologies.

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25 thoughts on “PrimeFaces Cookbook

  1. Sounds good!

    I have some questions though:
    - How does it cope with the ever changing PF library?
    - Does it involve JSF2 basics also iow what’s the book’s entry level?



    • Peter, no technical book to the best of my knowledge has ever kept pace with the rate of development of technology. That is why some books become obsolete after some years. At the very best Authors release new versions to reflect the current trends in Technology.

      I can still remember when I used to write custom components for my clients in my consulting assignments because those components are not available in any package. Today, you seldom need any custom components because most of them are readily available in the public domain. There is virtually no user interface you can’t write today with PrimeFaces. This is just to illustrate how JSF has evolved over the years and how for sure most JSF books written some years back are obsolete today.

      Jonathan Ekwempu

    • Actually the recipes are designed to work on any JSF 2(?) certified container. I remember asking Oleg about the minimum requirements for the recipes and he can correct me if I am wrong but JEE5, JSF 2.0 and Java 5 is all you need. Note that no CDI Scope @Annotations are used only JSF ones. The samples work on Tomcat with MyFaces as well as on a full blown Glassfish stack.

  2. Congratulations Oleg, and thank you for all your contributions here and to the world of JSF development (and all the blogs you’ve written/shared)!

  3. Congratulations PrimeFaces, PrimeFaces Extensions, Oleg & Mert. I just bought a Kindle version this morning. Browsing through the topics, I was impressed with the contents.

    A good testimony on how PrimeFaces has matured over the years.

    Congrats again.

    Jonathan Ekwempu

  4. Great!!! This is what we are waiting for.

    Already purchased online last 20 January 2013 @ PackT Publishing. I bought the Printed and ebook copy. I just checked it and the ebook still not available yet. I hope i can download it immediately. How soon can I download the ebook? Do I really need for February?

    Btw, Congratulations for providing great programming tools.

  5. Thanks Cagatay, thanks guys for your words. I just wanted to tell you that you can download the sample chapter 8 “Drag Me, Drop Me” from the book’s homepage

    I have got some questions regarding two last chapters “Writing Custom Components” and “PrimeFaces Extensions in Action”. The Packt Publishing told us that the current book’s size has exceeded the planned size and they offer two last chapters as bonus for free downloading. I think you can download the last two chapters as PDFs from the book’s page. The book should contain this information.

  6. Yes, I just got my copy. Book is great but it is a great shame that the most exciting chapter (chapter 11) is only a pdf download, and not a physical part of the book :(

    • Lately, I prefer to buy books only in epub format so that I can read them in my tablet so it is the other way around for me, I prefer digital :)

      • I agree, that epub is quite sweet, but it is still nice to have everything in one place- where you can just take it and show someone rather than downloading pdf. Sort of like a reference :) Anyway- great job on getting the book out!

  7. I, How can I get this book. I dont have any way to pay becase i live in cuba. Can you make this donation for me. Please … thank…

  8. I just purchased the eBook and see links in it to download Chapters 11 and 12, unfortunately they take me to a 404. Any ideas?

  9. Packt Pub. forces me to pay in euros, but I prefer in dollars ;( It’s little annoying. Where is the freedom? ;)

  10. Congratulations PrimeFaces. I already bought the book and is very helpful.