PrimeFaces 3.5.RC1 Released

PrimeFaces Team is pleased to announce the first release candidate of PrimeFaces 3.5. This version features new components, enhancements to existing components, major maintenance, RTL support, improved accessibility and more. Compared to previous major release 3.4, there are over 175+ filed improvements.

Notable changes are;

  • New component: Clock
  • New component: Horizontal Tree
  • Reimplemented Galleria as a native widget
  • DataTable Multiple Column Sorting
  • DataTable InCell Editing
  • Frozen Rows for DataTable
  • Reimplemented Scrollable-Resizable Tables
  • Resizable TreeTable
  • Content support for selectOneListbox and selectManyMenu
  • Range Slider
  • Option Group support for SelectOneMenu
  • Global Tooltips
  • Updates to PrimePush and Atmosphere Framework
  • IE7 is no longer supported

RTL Support

Many important components such as datatable, accordion, dialog, tree and tabview now support RTL direction either by using dir attribute or primefaces.DIR global setting. More components will receive RTL enhancements in future releases.


Various components are improved with accessibility features such as keyboard support and screen reader compatibility via ARIA roles-attributes. As usual, accessibility will be continued to be improved in future.

Backward Compatibility

Please see migration guide before updating your application to a newer PrimeFaces release.


Download links are available at downloads page, maven users just need to update their artifact dependency to primefaces-3.5.RC1.

3.5 Final

Final release is due 28th, please test the release candidate and report any problem you face.

Optimus Out!

18 thoughts on “PrimeFaces 3.5.RC1 Released

  1. Great job, as always! This release is full of data table love :) I’m afraid the migration might take some time in my case, but I’ll give it a try next week and hope my workaround for table sort after ajax update is still functional with 3.5 :) But hey…

    Multi Column Sort <3
    InCell Editing <3

  2. Congrats Cagatay. The number of fixed issues is impressive. DataTable improvements are very important because this is probably the most used component.

    What is the timetable for the 3.5 Final approximately?

  3. Great work. Looking forward for the final release. Hope I can convince my ‘Enterprise Architects’, to phase into Primefaces in future developments.


    • In the meanwhile, you may want to develop a prototype of (at least) one of your main (web) components/UI that is serving endusers/customers…and do it with PrimeFaces.

      I”m sure, you and PrimeFaces can blow the socks off of your enterprise architects! :)

  4. I join in the congratulations. Excellent components. Keep up the good work.
    Megatron defeated :)

  5. I’v been waiting for rtl support in tabmenu is that done too. If so how can i utilize it?

  6. Very Very Very Good and Great Job.
    Really great that you guys fixed the problem in Scrollable DATA TABLE.
    And I’m really thankful that you guys provided check box and Radio selection to Data Table.

    Thank you.

  7. Good job ! What about primefaces 3.5 and richfaces 4.2 compatibility ? Not working for me. Any idea ?

  8. Thank you very much for the great product.

    I would appreciate the “DataTable – Dynamic Columns” to be like a drop down select many menu, which saves the time consuming and error prone typing effort—if you want to show some closed column, you have to memorize what you hide before and type its name.

    Pre-set closable columns can show up in that closable/showable menu, plus a direct close choice available to the user will be a great time saver.

  9. Hey there is on class missing in 3.5 RC1.
    is it Deprecated or just missed out in distribution.?
    Please someone answer?