PrimeUI 0.7 Released With 3 New Widgets

PrimeUI has reached 0.7 released with 3 new widgets ported from PrimeFaces.

Download of the bundle containing minified js and css for PrimeUI is available at PrimeFaces downloads page.

Next release 0.8 will bring dropdown aka selectOneMenu and autoComplete widgets from PrimeFaces. Keep an eye on PrimeUI, it is becoming a first class project in PrimeLand.

7 thoughts on “PrimeUI 0.7 Released With 3 New Widgets

  1. Great and good to hear that PrimeUI is becoming a first class project in PrimeLand. Nonetheless, In my opinion Prime Mobile should have been given the greatest priority. Prime Mobile is more relevant to today’s need.

    • I completely agree with you.

      PrimeFaces Mobile is still limited and needs to be improved. Since version 0.9.3 many months has passed and lots of developers are waiting for the final release. I think it would be better to finish incomplete projects and then start the new ones…

      Anyway, thanks Cagatay to your great job.

      • There are ‘many’ PrimeFaces developers that are not waiting for PrimeFaces Mobile 1.0; they are using jQuery Mobile without PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9.x, or they are using PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9.x along with jQuery Mobile features that are not ‘yet’ available in PrimeFaces Mobile.

        I’m sure you all can do this as well, since PrimeFaces Mobile is so important to you…that you have to talk about it here on this PrimeFaces UI blog. Think about the time spent ‘waiting’ on PrimeFaces Mobile instead of the time spent using jQuery Mobile to ‘meet’ this great ‘need’ of yours. :)

        • Howard, some of us have seen what PrimeFaces did on the desktop and we love it. That we are waiting for PrimeFaces Mobile does not mean we are not evaluating other options. In my own case in particular , I will prefer to leverage the knowledge I have gained already in working with the desktop versions in the Mobile platform. Using another platform is easy enough like you have done but because we love PrimeFaces, we are prepared to wait a little bit longer to see what they come out with.

    • Yes, everyone is using ‘mobile’ devices more and more to do just about any/everything, but most mobile devices have browsers, and PrimeFaces (non-mobile version) works very very well in these browsers that are available on mobile devices. And from my experience, endusers love a web page built by PrimeFaces (non-mobile version) with any/all the bells and whistles offered by PrimeFaces (non-mobile version).

  2. I agree with Jonathan, It is good to see Prime UI getting stronger, but Prime mobile 1.0 has been in long time due, any specific reasons …?

  3. WOW 3 more components !!!!!

    This is great stuff guys — I also am glad to hear that Prime UI has become a first-class project. Keep it coming.. cant wait to see what comes next !!!!!