PrimeFaces Themes 1.0.9 Released

PrimeFaces Themes 1.0.9 is now available featuring maintenance on Twitter Bootstrap theme and the all-in-one bundle containing all 36 themes.

Oleg Varaksin, Co-Author of Upcoming PrimeFaces Cookbook and Co-Lead of PrimeFaces Extensions project has created an assembly project in extensions to bundle all themes. Thanks to his work, we have incorporated that in themes project to provide all-in-one themes.

Check out PrimeFaces Theme Gallery for download and installation documentation.

8 thoughts on “PrimeFaces Themes 1.0.9 Released

  1. +1 Like!

    Downloaded PrimeFaces 3.5-SNAPSHOT (2012.12.18), all-themes-1.0.9.jar, and PrimeFaces Extensions 0.6.2, and using in production!

    Thank you!

  2. Oleg is the most influential user of the Primefaces comunity(together with a few others), its the kind of user that makes the OSS so powerful today. Thanks to everybody that is contributing for this great project!

  3. Thanks Cagatay, thanks guys,

    I like very much PrimeFaces and web development in general. This is why I investigate much time in JSF.

    Cagatay, would it be possible to have the bundled themes JAR 1.0.9 in Maven central repo in January when PF 3.5 is relesead? I mean, the next release is in January and you plan to push this release to Maven central. If you plan to have next themes release soon after that, say in February, then ignore my question.

    Thanks again.

    • Hey Oleg, initial plan is to push 3.5 to central after that we can think about pushing themes as well.