Custom Content in Menubar

Menubar in 3.5 has support for display custom content in header section;

New options facet is used as the placeholder for the custom content.

   //submenus and menuitems
   <f:facet name="options">
       //custom content


16 thoughts on “Custom Content in Menubar

  1. This is a good feature indeed. Thanks.

    By the way, will get PrimeUI the same features as in JSF? What is the strategy here?

  2. Nice feature! I was waiting for it for so long. So its possible to put any component in this facet? Like a menubutton?

  3. Agree with everyone else… nice job, good work, and I think I may need to use this. We’ll see!

  4. That’s nifty, it looks like the input text and Logout button components are nested in a ToolbarGroup because they appear to be aligned to the right.

  5. Nice….! Very useful.Using this feature we can add any components to the rest of empty mebubar space(Not just submenus and menuitems)…