Horizontal Tree

PrimeFaces lets you display trees horizontally without flipping your monitor 90 degrees. Upon request of a PrimeFaces PRO user, we have added horizontal orientation to the tree. Although html box model doesn’t let you to come up with something linear like this easily and it has been a great challenge for us, we are happy with the end result;

Horizontal Tree supports many features available in Vertical mode such as;

  • Pure Client side
  • Dynamic with Ajax
  • Single, Multiple and Checkbox Selection
  • Events like expand, collapse, select and unselect
  • Icons
  • ContextMenu
  • Themes

Horizontal Tree will be available in PrimeFaces 3.5, for now check out Labs Showcase for the early access demos.

Note: IE7 is not supported at the moment for horizontal display. We have added workarounds for IE 8-9 to make this work. Other browsers like FF, Chrome, Safari work fine as usual.

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