PrimeFaces 3.4 Released

I am pleased to announce the final release of PrimeFaces 3.4. Over the previous RC1 release, there are 11 logged improvements. For the detailed list of changes from 3.3 to 3.4, please see 3.4.RC1 announcement.


Binaries, sources and bundle containing api-vdl docs are available at downloads page. Maven users just need to update their version to 3.4.


PrimeFaces User’s Guide has been updated to cover 3.4 and reached 496 pages. Guide is available for download at documentation page. There will also be a paid version of this guide soon. Paid version will be offered to PrimeFaces users who would like to contribute 10 euros to PrimeFaces Project.  Content will be absolutely same(all 496 pages)  and only small difference would be the availability of an index for the pdf readers. Everything else would be same. We’ve cancelled the community funding model as it didn’t work as we wanted so introduced this optional model for people who want to contribute instead.


It is highly suggested to go through the migration guide for any change that may effect your application before migration.


Our focus on September is now on PrimeFaces Mobile 1.0 Release that will bring various improvements and features. After mobile, we’ll start working on PrimeFaces for ASP.NET Web Forms and plan to bring at least 30 controls for the initial release. Until the end of the year, there will be one more major PrimeFaces Release and version number would be 3.5. This iteration will focus on requests from PrimeFaces PRO users, some most voted requests from PrimeFaces Community and maintenance.

28 thoughts on “PrimeFaces 3.4 Released

  1. when i said it is not going to work you accoused me but
    “We’ve cancelled the community funding model as it didn’t work as we wanted”

    • We’re trying new things time to time, no accusations and hard feelings, your feedback is always welcome. We all want to make PrimeFaces better. Thanks.

      • Honestly, I respected the Community Funding, and I think it was a good idea for community to contribute to adding features, and actually, it did work, some new features were added per community funding, so in my eyes, it was a success, and I would even understand if you would revert to community funding again.

        I’ve seen the recent topic in community forum about contributing software enhancements to open source product. That’s another topic, but I respect what you have had and setup in place, Optimus/Cagatay!

  2. Is it possible that the PDF document for PF3.4 is not well generated?
    I can’t read Schedule documentation and I tried to download it several times.

    Thank you very much for this new version.


  3. Congratulations and thanks for the release. Please don’t take away to much resources from JSF team :)

  4. What happened with datetime support in charts? apparently this add in PF3.4 ended up being simply a mechanism to properly show dates (formating) not to support really datetime intervals and graphs :S

  5. I mean, really… what can I say different than what others, above, have not said already??? I will say, thank you, thank you, thank you, Cagatay/PrimeFaces! I love JAVA server faces (JSF) development all because of PrimeFaces, and you keep doing it over and over…making JSF development more fun, exciting, interesting, and… pleasurable/fulfilling!!! (lol/smiling)

    I love all what you’re doing, and I like what I’ve been reading here on this blog site and in issue tracker about 3.5 and PrimeFaces mobile 1.0 roadmap. Sad to say, my brother that was using PrimeFaces mobile on his Android phone, now has an Android tablet (Google Nexus 7), and he doesn’t use PrimeFaces Mobile option/pages much anymore. He even told me that he is migrating from his Mac notebook to his Google Nexus 7 to do most of his work related to JSF/PrimeFaces app that I developed (and still developing, since they are asking for sooooo many features to be added). I’m loving it, I really am!

    Anyway, bring it, bring it, bring it, and keep on bringing it…all that Cagatay/PrimeFaces-team can bring/do! IMHO, not a fan of at all, but all good that you plan to reach that market.

    I love the PrimeFaces experience… JARs, theme JARs, forums, community members, issue tracker, and the end result of when u do ‘it’ (IT, information technology) the Prime(Faces) way!

    I am also the loyal type. If you treat me good, i have no reason at all to move to another architecture or tool (or component suite). I did have a quick thought of working for Google one day as a java/web developer, but really, i am so happy doing work for my family, I love the flexibility and being able to do it my way to please the endusers!

    • I was waiting so patiently on this blog post. I knew it was coming, just didn’t know when. So, yes, I kept checking for this blog! I downloaded already and it’s working great! Thank you!

  6. Congratulations for the release! Thanks for making JSF so much cooler.
    Are you planning a 3.4.1 release in the near future with bug fixes? I’m really concerned about a bug with p:selectOneMenu and p:menuButton (and possibly other drop-down components) not working after ajax update in Chrome and Safari. A very common use like updating a selectOneMenu based on selection of another selectOneMenu does not work in these browsers.. (issue n° 4425).

    Kind regards

    • We usually do a maintenance release of a major release after a month so 3.4.1 is very likely to happen. We’ll wait a bit more to gather defect reports from community and fix them in upcoming bug fix release. Please make sure to file your reports in tracker.

  7. Great work as always!!! Congrats and

    Meanwhile jQuery Mobile 1.2 Beta has been Released, hope you get your hands on it for PrimeFaces Mobile! ;-)