Roadmap for PrimeFaces Mobile

We would like to share our roadmap for PrimeFaces Mobile with our community. PrimeFaces Mobile is a side project of PrimeFaces featuring a UI kit optimized for mobile devices, it involves a couple of mobile specific components and majority of the components are implemented with mobile renderers. So instead of pm:commandButton, we have p:commandButton with a  mobile renderer, thanks to powerful renderer features of JSF. PF Mobile is based on jQuery Mobile which is a natural choice for us since PF itself uses jQuery in core.

So, what are the plans? PF Mobile is currently on version 0.9.3 and never actually received what we call “Heavy PF Development” that involves day-night-weekends after the initial release. Next version 1.0 will involve heavy development for sure, here are couple of must have points for 1.0.

  • Lazy loading of views on demand to improve performance
  • Optimized resource loading of js and css. Load only what is necessary.
  • Back-Forward history navigation support
  • New mobile renderers for
    • Growl-Messages
    • Dialogs
    • Calendar
    • TabView
    • and more..
  • Major Maintenance Work
  • Update to latest jQuery Mobile

If you have more ideas, please drop a comment to share your feedback. This is for PrimeFaces Community so should be defined according to requirements from Community. Development time for M1 is planned to be 4 weeks until JavaOne, beginning of October.

30 thoughts on “Roadmap for PrimeFaces Mobile

  1. Very Good news from PF Team .We are waiting for Primefaces mobile 1.0 from long back.I hope PFM will be based on JQM 1.1.1 Version.Lazy loading of veiws,calender ,dialogs,tabviews and all will be important features And also we are expecting pagination,sorting features for datalist.Data table is mostly used component from PF Core so if we want develop same PF Core app for handheld devices with PF Mobile we need the same features in mobile app also(datalist here)…….Anyways great news for mobile app developers.

    • Hey, I just saw there is already a prerelease of JQM 1.2.0 !!
      It has Popups , floating content and collapsible Lists…

      It would be great to catch the new release!!!

      Anyway keep up the great work!

  2. Great news guys! I think that another must have component is autocomplete. I truly hope that it will ship in 1.0 version.

    Best regards

  3. Good news. Enhancing Ajax features (onstart, oncomplete, update etc) would be great.

  4. What about adding Twitter Bootstrap to PrimeFaces Mobile, if at all possible? I viewed their showcase from my Android phone, and looks nice. :)

  5. Oh, just remembered, I think I tried p:accordionPanel POJO in PrimeFaces Mobile, so I can display content for each row/POJO, but POJO was not working with p:accordionPanel in PrimeFaces Mobile. It would be nice to have this, too. :)

  6. Also, themeSwitcher for the different jQuery/PrimeFaces Mobile swatches, please, if possible. :)

  7. Better theme support across all the components would be great. I had to add the swtach attribute to ui:button for example. You should be able to individually theme a componet, different from the view.

  8. It would be good:
    -Popup panel
    -Overlay panel
    -Calendar with Time
    -Time calendar only

  9. I agree that autocomplete would be a nice feature for prime mobile. Another component that would be great is the photocam component to snap pictures via the phone’s camera. However, not sure if this is possible. We already leverage Primefaces 3.4 and seriously looking at Prime Mobile for our mobile offerings. As always, thanks for the fantastic JSF frameworks!

  10. It is great news that PF Mobile will be developped further! A split view for iPad development would be great!

  11. I also support this “Another component that would be great is the photocam component to snap pictures via the phone’s camera.” . We haven’t moved to PF Mobile just because of this missing feature.

    • Second that motion!
      Although we are using PF Mobile anyway, but we had to implement some sort of workaround with HTML fileupload, but that doesn’t work on iOS…

  12. I hope you will add social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I mean “login with …” and some backing bean classes to access proper data, such as it is possible with Spring Social.

  13. The ability to propagate a view that is not listed first to be the first displayed view via an attibuate would be handy.

  14. Own issue tracker for mobile version!

    Definetly lazy loading for views and datalist pagination.

    Bugfixes are very important.

    issue 4343 accordion tab cannot be updated via ajax since it has no container with id
    issue 4344 ajax events for input range!
    issue 4348 pm:field is not very usable if it does not allows output components!

  15. I works for SAP mobile department, we are using PM for a fewer internal web projects already. I am watching every PM features published, PM is fantastic and saved me a lot energy comparing with Struts/JSF1 coding we did before. Recently I did prototype with PF Mobile for reporting. It works fine, but we want to use PhoneGap also. I am not sure if PF Mobile can be ported to PhoneGap(?). I am sure with JQuery Mobile we can. Also we have front end developers just know HTML/Javascript, with PF Mobile, they have to learn PF tags. We like to use some UI tools directly generate the UI. That may not be good for PF Mobile.

  16. I guess carousal will be a good component . Also ability to and use features from jquery mobile .Collapsible panels with icon positioning , search filter bar for hidden data . calendar

    • ability to add header and footer at page level instead of each view, lazy loading of view and only current view is loaded instead of the entire page

  17. I believe that PrimeFaces team should put effort to develop more features of Jquery Mobile once he is tested on more than 50 plataforms.

    -Events (taphold,swipe,swipeleft,swiperight)
    -Search hidden data
    -Collapsible lists

    -Popup panel
    -Overlay panel
    -Growl (Popup with static position like Ajax Status and auto hide)

    Time,Date,DateTime,Calendar not is necessary once that IOS 5, Android 4, OperaMobile12, and others have html5 atribute support.

    Features like lazy-loading for datalist are in roadmap from jquery-mobile, i think not is the moment to implement it with third plugins. All other mentioned improvements are valid.
    Primefaces charts work very well.

    JqueryMobile 1.2-beta will be ready next week and 1.2-final end of month.
    Good time to start changes in PrimeFaces Mobile. =)

    • +1 Like!

      BUT, is the following really true (these things are not necessary)?

      Time,Date,DateTime,Calendar not is necessary once that IOS 5, Android 4, OperaMobile12, and others have html5 atribute support.

      I refrained from using HTML5 type=”time” and had to use p:inputText without type=”time”, because I didn’t like how inputText was rendered. Yes, type=”time” pops a Time component/control on Android 4, but the inputText renders too small and does not span the entire width of the viewable page. p:inputText without type=”time” renders better. :) and :(

      I think I tried the same for h:inputText; I forgot the test result.

      • You are right.. it is more a bug that a feature, and a bug easy to be fixed.Even I can fix it.