PrimeFaces for ASP.NET

Prime Technology is excited to announce a brand new project. PrimeFaces the UI library who dominates JSF ecosystem, will be implemented for ASP.NET as well. PrimeFaces.NET will be open source and will follow the same principles that has made PrimeFaces a success. JSF and ASP.NET versions will be developed by separate teams both led by Çağatay Çivici, founder of PrimeFaces.

Initial version is planned to be available by mid 2013 featuring at least 40 ASP.NET controls. We’ll focus on Web Forms and there are also plans for ASP.NET MVC in the future as well.

30 thoughts on “PrimeFaces for ASP.NET

  1. Hi,
    Since I am a .NET and JEE developer, this news couldn’t be more great for me!
    By the way, where are you hosting this project?
    If I would like to contribute to it, what are the requirements?

    • The project will start after PrimeFaces 3.4 Final Release, keep an eye on this blog for announcements.

    • I don´t think Telerik could become a competitor, with all respect Telerik doesn´t have all the functionality or the principles of design that made Primefaces the most used JSF framework.

      by the way, it will be nice to have Primefaces for WebForms and MVC.

      Wanna see a good UI Toolkit for .Net, take a look at is based on ExtJS from Sencha guys and is really awesome.

      Congrats Primefaces Team and good luck in this new challenge!! :)

      Best regards

  2. I’m corious about will ajax for work as well as primefaces for jsf? I think it will be. And a lots problem of mine will be solved. Thanks to you Çağatay for this great step.
    “that’s one small step for pf but one giant leap for .Net”

  3. this is very good news , i was JEE developer , i moved on ASP.NET , but just to know , start with MVC no with ‘Web Forms’ … web forms are sucks , MVC (Model View Controller & Razor ) is much more better than web forms ;)

    • I agree with you, since I think it’s much better to spend time and effort on the MVC pattern of Asp.NET MVC4 instead of MVP of Asp.NET. But out there there’re still a lot of companies that still use Asp.NET for their web applications.

      May I advice at least one thing? Please improve the Calendar, because the JQueryUI widget it’s quite poor, the Wijimo version is much better:|overview

  4. I don’t think this is a good news for most Java JSF developers. I should have expected Prime Technologies to focus more on JSF and wrap up the rollout of PrimeMobile and consolidate Prime UI and Push before moving on to new technologies. Most of us that have been waiting for the release of PrimeMobile 1.0 might be forced to start looking else where since from our perspection, it seems the development of PrimeMobile has stalled. I really need to be proved wrong in my assertions.

    • After 3.4 final, we’ll start PrimeFaces Mobile 1.0 and then focus PrimeFaces.NET.

      • .NET use is dying rapidly. This effort may be a waste of time. If you care to share – I’m curious about why you’ve chosen to move in this direction?

    • im also bit excited but worried as well. does it mean that the jsf development for java will be slowed down? i am still waiting for great features like advanced filtering, datatable enhancements etc along with mobile.

      one thing is sure this will make PF a much more popular package.

        • So using prim races pro will be the “recommended” way to get new features for prime faces jsf? And instead you will be working on this sucks my friends. I hate this change.

    • I’am also curious and worrying at the same time.I think idea behind of this project may be financial way. Definitely it will impact on current PF Projects.Primefaces Mobile will be the future sensation better than this project….

  5. I really don’t like this. PF was the opportunity to get Java back in the web technology business again. It’s like working for a non-profit organization and suddenly start working for the arms industry. It simply doesn’t make any sense. Of course PF can make more money when working for Microsoft but I wouldn’t be proud to publish this news to an open-source community… I simply don’t get it.

    • For me, this post is very important for IT developers, NET developers who know the power of java and improving websites with PrimeFaces, we take this as a really awesome news, why make a solution for a platform if we can do a solution for all? this is beyond a business, this is a collaboration with the IT world!

  6. will be forked/deprecated by any kind of “microsoft asp faces components”, see Entity Framework/Nhibernate, .net developers only uses microsoft (visual studio automatized) components and frameworks (also see mvc open source frameworks in .net, MVC wins late and poorly). I’m Java and C# developer, this is my experience.
    Better focus on JSF and mobile.

  7. Good news but hopefully you will not loose the focus on JSF – There are already many component libraries available for ASP.Net.
    PrimeFaces already is the leading JSF component library and hopefully you will not give the title away if you focus on ASP.Net!

  8. Absolutely wrong direction. Don’t waste of your time and effort. Ruby, Grail or Play integration may be more valuable and sensable. And mobile is the future. Please do not loose your way.

  9. Please start with MVC first. ASP.Net is not flexible enough for modern Web 2.0 development.

  10. Additional work on simply means less work on jsf. That is why it is really bad news for java community.