PrimeFaces 3.3 Final Released

Prime Teknoloji is glad to announce the 3.3 release of PrimeFaces. There are 10 issue fixes over the 3.3.RC1 release.


Detailed changelog is available at last week’s RC release announcement.


Please see downloads page to try out the new release. Note that bundle contains binaries, sources, apidoc and vdldoc.


PrimeFaces User’s Guide is updated to 475 pages covering the 3.3 version. See documentation page to download the guide.

Please note that 3.3 is not compatible with PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9.2 so this week we’ll release 0.9.3 version of the mobile ui kit.


Next planned releases are 3.3.1 and 3.4 which will be developed in parallel. Upcoming improvements are;

  • Implementation of community sponsored feature requests, currently 3 requests have reached their funding goals.
  • First class liferay/portlet support. We are currently working with LiferayFaces lead Neil Griffin to resolve a couple of incompatibility problems such as multiportlet support, dataexporter support and more. Thanks to Neil, most of the issues are resolved, we just need to apply his patches and handle the testing/qa.
  • Chart component improvements.
  • DataTable enhancements. (e.g. better dynamic columns handling)
  • New component: MindMap, sponsored request of an enterprise PrimeFaces user which will also be available to community.
  • Regular maintenance.

3.5¬†will bring in the brand new PrimeFaces Push Framework based on Atmosphere. Atmosphere Founder and Lead Developer Jeanfrancois Arcand will be our guest in our office for a week where he’ll be working with us to initiate the PrimeFaces Push Architecture. New Push Integration will support various browsers (IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera) over various transports (websockets, long-polling, streaming) featuring server side events with optional JMS support.

2 thoughts on “PrimeFaces 3.3 Final Released

  1. Thanks for the great release!. Is there already some news about the new mobile version so we can update?

  2. Hi Optimus Prime!
    We are still developing a web application using Primfaces 3.2, Mojarra 2.1.6, NetBeans 7.1.2, GlassFish 3.1.2.
    We changed Primefaces 3.2 to new version Primefaces 3.3.1 with enthusiasm but we got a problem with DataTable and “filterBy” attribute, now it doesn’t work. If we rollback to Primefaces 3.2 it will work.
    Please may you check it up?