PrimeFaces 3.3.RC1 Released

Prime Teknoloji is glad to announce the release candidate of the PrimeFaces 3.3. This release brings over 100 improvements, Ajax Framework features such as PFS(PrimeFaces Selectors) and partialSubmit, internal enhancements, new components, major maintenance and much more. Full changelog is available at PrimeFaces issue tracker.



We’ve done a lot of internal improvements and refactoring for 3.3. Overall quality has been significantly improved with various bug fixes and refactoring. It is advised to upgrade to 3.3 considering the list of defect fixes.

Backward Compatibility

  • Scrollable datatable now requires the column width to be defined via width attribute of column instead of style attribute.
  • tiered and sliding type menus have their own components, name tieredMenu and slideMenu.
  • readOnlyInpuText attribute of calendar is renamed to readOnlyInput.
  • Menu component’s position attribute is renamed to overlay as a boolean.


Please visit PrimeFaces Downloads page to try out the new release.


Release Candidate will be available for one week and on 28th PrimeFaces 3.3. Final will be available along with the updated User’s Guide.

8 thoughts on “PrimeFaces 3.3.RC1 Released

  1. Good stuff, keep it up. I’m looking forward to the final release.

  2. PrimeFaces does it again!!! Plenty of nice new features! I hope others will do as you advised…upgrade to version 3.3.

  3. Great stuff!!.
    How will mobile version work with 3.3?. When will we see a mobile upgrade?


    • Yes, mobile 0.9.2 doesn’t support 3.3 so the day after 3.3 final we’ll release mobile 0.9.3.