PrimeFaces 3.2 Final Released

One week after the release candidate, PrimeFaces 3.2 Final is released. In total there are 9 filed improvements over the RC that are mostly minor defect fixes. See the full changelog for more information and 3.2.RC1 announcement for the detailed coverage of changes between 3.1 and 3.2.


To try out the new release check out downloads section.


PrimeFaces User’s Guide is updated to cover 3.2 Edition and reached 460 pages. See documentation page to download the new guide.


PrimeFaces RoadMap is crystal clear, we are now focused on PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9.2 release that will bring new features, enhancements and bug fixes. After 0.9.2 development which is planned to be 2 weeks we’ll get back to PrimeFaces 3.3. Major features of 3.3 would be the enhanced PrimeFaces Push, implementation of popular feature requests and two cool features to ajax framework.

Always Bet on Prime!

Optimus Prime

19 thoughts on “PrimeFaces 3.2 Final Released

    • Just migrated a solution from 3.0.1 to 3.2, i have a global growl in base xhtm that cant be found by update actions of inner command buttons.

  1. Amazing :)
    Keep up the amazing work.
    Already looking forward to the 3.3 release (Push mostly)

  2. Downloaded, added to JSF/primefaces web app that I’m developing, tested, and working well! Thanks Cagatay, PrimeFaces team, and Community!

  3. Awesome! Prime Rocks always. I am just about to start a BIG application, and now its really good time when 3.2 comes out.

    We Love! Primefaces.

  4. Really loving all the new primefaces releases. Maven can’t seem to find the new 3.2 dependencies in the repository. If I browse I can see they’re there. I must be doing something wrong!

  5. Congratulations. Primefaces 3.2 Manual is awesome. Just one highlight: have to change primefaces artifact version to 3.2 in page 13 on “Download with Maven” section.

  6. Very nice work. About PrimePush: there are plans for its implementation for Glassfish?

  7. I was interviewed once by a telecom company, and i was ask if i know icefaces, And my answer is” please don’t use a copy cat”, open source community is starting to laugh at them :P . Please use Primefaces instead i told them that icefaces copies primefaces and to their surprise its was true, now i got the job. -Please keep it free :D

  8. Excellent work! I can feel the passion strongly of primefaces, many new feature, many new components, rapid bugs fixing, taking advice of community, crystal roadmap…Always Bet on Prime!