Spinner Accessibility

Accessibility features in PrimeFaces are getting better with each iteration. A case in point is spinner, we’ve added screen reader support with aria roles and state attributes in 3.1 and for 3.2, spinner gets improved keyboard and mouse support. The value of spinner now can be changed with;

  • Clicking the spin buttons with mouse.
  • Tabbing to the spinner and up-down arrow keys via keyboard.
  • Moving the cursor on the spinner and scrolling with mousewheel.

3.2 adds similar accessibility features to other components as well. See the spinner demo for live action.

2 thoughts on “Spinner Accessibility

  1. Fantastic feature… Hope to become a full featured keyboard navigation on nearest future from PF team.. Wish you all the best..

  2. Accessibility is a really necessary feature, in particular when you are working in/for public authorities. Full support of accessibility requirements would be an outstanding feature of a Primefaces. Is there a comprehensive chapter in the documentation planned?