PrimeFaces gets a new component; MegaMenu. We have been getting feature requests from the community regarding this and decided to implement this after finding out what a megamenu is by looking at this link.

One nice feature of MegaMenu is the custom content support, in addition to regular submenus and menuitems, you can also place any content inside the MegaMenu. So after working on this for a day, tadaaa;

Check out PrimeFaces 3.2 Labs to see MegaMenu Beta in action!

7 thoughts on “MegaMenu

  1. fantastic! really great and a feature i was waiting for ;)

    i want do this with the OverlayPanel but now this is no more necessary, thanks ;)

  2. Gratulation, very nice. MegaMenu works beautifully, but Menubar something is wrong.Now I can use MegaMenu instead menuBar.

  3. PrimeFaces is adding sooo many components to the library that I am trying to keep up with finding reasons to use all these nice new components. Wow! :)

  4. good idea but i’m not sure if still a good look to have those round corner’s based layout.

    I really like jquery css framework but not sure if they are into web app layout fashion…

    however keep the good prime team!

  5. Cool, really Cool.
    May I suggest a nice feature for sliding menu?
    It would be nice to have a breadcrumb in the upper side that tells me where I am e.g. menu > submenu3 > subsubmenu7 …
    It would be the perfect companion of the <Back link in the bottom side!