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InfoQ has posted an article about PrimeFaces, featuring an interview with us. We’ve really liked the following analysis in the article;

Among the components one can also find implementations for image comparison, tag cloud generation and even an OS X styled stack. One reason for such diversity, according to Prime Teknoloji (the company behind PrimeFaces), is that the firm is not a software vendor. It is a consulting company actually using PrimeFaces for its clients.

This is a major characteristic of PrimeFaces that sets it apart from the competition, the company argues, since Prime Teknoloji acts both as the producer of the library and as the consumer when it acts on behalf of its clients. This has a heavy impact on core development since important bugs are fixed as soon as possible. Keeping the library lightweight and usable is also a major goal for PrimeFaces as any deviations will be instantly visible to Prime Teknoloji clients.

This is totally correct, we are a consulting firm that make use of JSF and Java EE for consulting, trainings and software development. We had some serious troubles with other JSF libraries in the past and decided to create lightweight and easy to use library in 2009, now known as PrimeFaces. So the main difference is; PrimeFaces is created by application developers not software vendor developers. We enjoy using PrimeFaces in production and glad that PrimeFaces Community is also so enjoying our work as well!

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  1. Smiling as I just finished reading this blog post. Yes, PrimeFaces community is enjoying your product! I think PrimeFaces community helps to make PrimeFaces a better product, as issues and/or forum topics are discussed, resolved, etc… You really do have a great thing going here at :)