PrimeFaces 3.2 development has started along with 3.1.1 maintenance in parallel. The first feature of 3.2 we have added is BlockUI component that can block a particular content. Usage is quite simple thanks to the special ajax integration, also client side api is provided if you need to write extensions or customize it.

The component is inspired by the blockui jquery plugin, we have our own implementation instead of using that plugin but the idea is pretty much the same.

Checkout PrimeFaces Labs to see BlockUI in action! It is theme integrated as usual so don’t forget to try with different themes :)

7 thoughts on “BlockUI

  1. Awesome Cagatay!

    I’ve missed this component for JSF.

    One question, could I trigger this blockUI from javascript (example, from p:remoteCommand)?

  2. Primefaces IS an awesome component library!
    But too much hand-coding when compared to say, using ASP.NET.
    Is there a wysiwyg tool/plugin for eclipse for development(as in widgets being draggable & droppable to a canvas)
    If not, is it planned?

  3. I have implemented blockUI early, is possible to block all UI? not only a component?

  4. I just tested the showcase example. Looks great. I’m going to have to take the time to add this to JSF/PrimeFaces app that I’m developing. :)