PrimeFaces 3.1 Released

Prime Teknoloji, company behind PrimeFaces is glad to announce the 3.1 final release. In total there are 12 filed changes over the release candidate. See the full changelog for more information.

Detailed information about what has changed, the new features and more can be found at the 3.1.RC1 Release Announcement.


Check out PrimeFaces downloads page for manual download or if you are maven user update your dependency to 3.1 to migrate to this release.


PrimeFaces User’s Guide has been updated to cover 3.1 and it is available at documentation page.


Next planned release is 3.2 which will introduce some new components, new DataTable features, implementation of most voted feature requests and of course maintenance on current codebase. In summary, we’ll keep rocking!

Always bet on PrimeFaces!

13 thoughts on “PrimeFaces 3.1 Released

  1. I was looking forward for final release. Prime Faces getting better and better, Great. Congrats.

  2. Thank you PrimeFaces! Downloaded, added to JSF/Primefaces app that I’m developing, tested, and this release is looking good. Looking forward to FUTURE releases, too.

  3. Amazing, I was looking a solution for datatable multiple selection, look at Primefaces Blog, see 3.1 release, install, and Tadaaaa!!!, problem resolves.

    Now, I’m implementing PanelGrid on my application, it looks great.
    Thank guys for your work, you are the Best.
    Regards from Chile.

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