Take Photos with PrimeFaces

PhotoCam is a new PrimeFaces component to take photos with a webcam and pass the image to the JSF backing beans. WebCam integration was a popular request with more than 30 votes so we’ve decided to bring it in with flash, canvas and javascript implementation.

Although it is a new component, PrimeFaces Community has already started to use it. Check out the following video we’ve found in youtube that allows users to take a photo and crop it with PrimeFaces Imagecropper. (We are not sure about the background music though, if you follow our PrimeFaces Trailers, you’d understand :)


There are two demos available one is the actual component demo and other is integration with PrimeFaces Push where you can take a photo and send it to everyone connected. One note is the IE support, photo cam doesn’t support IE right now and we’ll work on it targeting future versions of PrimeFaces.

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5 thoughts on “Take Photos with PrimeFaces

  1. It would be nice if this component worked on PrimeFaces Mobile as well, but it seems there are some serious technical challenges that would have to be overcome to do this.

  2. Hi

    Showcase doesn’t work for me on my MacBookPro …
    I tried Safari, Chrome and Firefox without success.
    Do I need to configure something in osx…?

  3. Is that any possibility to have this component handling scanners digitalizations? I mean not only the fact that is possible to take photos but also acquire images from scanners as well.