PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9 Unleashed

Prime Teknoloji is glad to announce the first official release of PrimeFaces Mobile. PrimeFaces Mobile is a UI kit to implement JSF pages that are optimized for mobile devices with a native look and feel. Mobile was a bundled within PrimeFaces until now and moved to a separate project lately.

  • Mobile RenderKit for standard JSF and core PrimeFaces components.
  • Mobile JSF components.
  • Same backend model for desktop web and mobile web.
  • Wide range of platform support.
  • Integration with JSF programming model.
  • Ajax features to bring native application experience.
  • Nothing required to install on device.
  • Powered by jQuery Mobile

Mobile RenderKit

Important change compared to alpha versions of PrimeFaces Mobile that are bundled with 3.0.Mx is the new PrimeFaces Mobile RenderKit that provides mobile renderers for core JSF (h:form, h:outputLink, h:panelGrid) and core PrimeFaces components (p:dataList, p:button, p:commandButton, p:accordionPanel). Here is an example of how datalist looks on a desktop web and mobile web platform.


Visit PrimeFaces Downloads Page or use maven to get it.

Mobile User’s Guide

PrimeFaces Mobile has it’s own User’s Guide, this document is currently 35+ pages, covering setup, components, renderkit, themes, tips and tricks. Guide is available at PrimeFaces Documentation Page.

Online Demos

Mobile Demos are available at PrimeFaces Labs Showcase.

PrimeFaces Core Dependency

Mobile currently requires a PrimeFaces version that is newer than 3.0.M4, right now this is build of 3.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT available maven repository.


We have so many ideas in our todo list for future versions of PrimeFaces Mobile. Next milestone will be 1.0 that is planned to be available after PrimeFaces 3.0 final release.

  • Ajax Loading of views to reduce page size and improve performance
  • Mobile Dialogs
  • More Mobile renderers (selectManyCheckbox, selectOneRadio)
  • Improvements to datalist displays
  • New transition effects

8 thoughts on “PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9 Unleashed

  1. Great news Guys!
    PrimeFaces Mobile looks really promising. Some important features are still missing (e.g: pm:selectMany) but I hope it’ll keep getting better as it goes.
    Thanks to the PF team.

  2. I am looking forward to playing with this release. Quick question though: which version of jQuery Mobile does this use under the hood?