PrimePush Begins

Work on PrimePush has began and we’ve deployed two experimental demos(note that you need a browser that supports websockets);

PrimePush is based on websockets(no polling, long-polling, http-streaming) and push server is ideally designed to be independent from the runtime the actual application is running. PushServer is really a simple websocket servlet that acts a gateway to distribute the messages according to channels. At the moment, push server is implemented with jetty8 and there are plans for a glassfish implementation as well. Another important next step is to include support for JMS because right now messages from client actions can be pushed, we need to provide integration with a middleware messaging system to push from server to connected clients without requiring any client action.

So in summary there are lots of ideas for PrimePush and I think we’ve made a good start.

6 thoughts on “PrimePush Begins

  1. i tried two example with firefox 7. and i think ff7 doesn’t support websockets because i did not see any change at click value or chat board.
    i don’t know how this is usefull even ff7 not supporting websockets

  2. It was likely a mismatch between the version of websockets that FF supports and what primepush supports. Until the spec gets final ratification from the IETF, this will be a common problem. If you’re lucky, your server supports multiple versions of the spec.

  3. Do I guest right… you will use or reimplement Kaazing WebSocket Gateway JavaScript JMS Client Library? websocket Servlet basically as proxy between ajax client ( Browser with javascript ) and JMS Queue / Topic.
    First probably ajax Client as subscribler to JMS ressources. Later on mabe you could add also publisher support.
    The only question is if this is the best aproche………
    I have the feeling it would be better if the ajax client will not need to now, that there is jms on backen side… ( which topic queue … )
    To acomplishe this, mabe just an backen bean with some action listeners which hides the jms in backen?
    Websockets Servlet interacts with this backen bean. Backen bean implements jms Stuff?

    What do ypu think?