PrimeFaces 3.0.M3 Released

Turkish Java EE and Agile Mentoring  Powerhouse Prime Technology is glad to announce the third milestone release of it’s leading JSF component suite, PrimeFaces. M3 is featuring over 140 improvements, 17 new components(9 reborn, 8 brand new), improved quality as a result of significant maintenance, better portlet support and much more.

  • New component: TimeLine
  • New component: FeedReader
  • New component: Sheet
  • New component: Subtable
  • New Chart Types: Donut, Bubble, MeterGauge, OHLC and Area.
  • Reimplemented AccordionPanel (Multiple selection, dynamic tab model)
  • Reimplemented TabView (Closable tabs, dynamic tab model)
  • Reimplemented Tooltip
  • Reimplemented ThemeSwitcher
  • Reimplemented Carousel
  • Reimplemented Dialog (Minimizable, Maximizable, Lazy mode)
  • Reimplemented ConfirmDialog
  • Reimplemented AutoComplete (dropdown mode, customizable content)
  • Reimplemented TreeTable (Ajax toggling, scrollable, resizable, events)
  • Improved support for multiple PrimeFaces portlets.
  • Important fixes to LazyLoading DataTable.
  • Introduced rowKey and SelectableDataModel for enhanced DataTable selection.
  • Customizable content for picklist.
  • Circle and Rectangle support for GMap.
  • ContextMenu integration with tree, treeTable and dataTable.
  • Scrolling improvements for datatable like horizontal scrolling and col resize.
  • MetaKey and Shift key support for multiple selection in datatable.
  • Major maintenance on fileUpload component.
  • Charting features like interactive legend, text rotation and more.

Reimplemented components are developed as native PrimeFaces widgets without using a third party plugin. We wanted to emphasize this, because there seems to be a common misunderstanding about how fast PrimeFaces evolves and provide so many features. It’s not because PrimeFaces always wraps third party widgets like jQuery UI, it is because PrimeFaces Team(outnumbered but passionate compared to competing other JSF libraries) puts so much time into this project including midnights and weekends.

See full list of changelog for detailed information and visit downloads section to try the new milestone. To assist PrimeFaces community during migration, we’ve initiated the 3.0 migration guide at PrimeFaces Wiki. Also up to date tag/attribute documentation is back in facelet taglib so your favorite IDEs can display quick documentation about tags and attributes via code completion. Please note that PrimeFaces User’s Guide for 3.0 will be available along with PrimeFaces 3.0 final release.


M3 is the last milestone release, next version will be 3.0.RC1 followed by 3.0 final featuring new ajax push features aka Prime Push, major updates to PrimeFaces Mobile, a couple of new components like orderList and major maintenance. We aim to fix all the defect reports in our issue tracker by 3.0.RC1. Tentative release date of 3.0.RC1 is early november.

Çağatay Çivici – PrimeFaces Lead

34 thoughts on “PrimeFaces 3.0.M3 Released

  1. Congratulations, it’s a fantastic work. It’s never been so good to work with JSF.

  2. You guys are amazing. I have two primefaces applications on 3.0-M1 and people think the applications are amazing. They have been running for months without any problems. And that is based on milestones, not even release candidates! Thanks so much!

  3. superb work… Lot of thanks to this release. Really great work.. Waiting for final release. I love JSF because of your attempt on component suite. So 100% marks to your development team.

  4. “We aim to fix all the defect reports in our issue tracker by 3.0.RC1″ – Wow. You have big plans :-) I hope the new release will be the stablest and best we have ever saw. Keep it up!

  5. it’s hard to believe … this work is achieved by team of two person
    Congratulation! Your balance between inovation and support is amazing!

  6. Is there any plans for adding Validation support in select* components? Regards and congrats for the suite

  7. Excellent — keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see the final version of PrimeFaces 3.0.

    BTW: I think that reusing components/utilities from other projects (JQuery UI, YUI, etc.) is a real strength of PrimeFaces…

    • That’s not a bad idea indeed. If it allows bringing new possibilities fast and potentially rewrite when limitations are encountered, there’s nothing wrong with it.

      The fact that Primefaces evolves so fast makes it very appealing! You just come here often because you know you’ll get some sexy new things to try every now and then. That’s clearly pleasing

  8. Great News! I am currently running a production application on 2.2.1 final release. I have to say it is the most productive framework I have used. I look forward to upgrading to 3.0 when it is released.

  9. As far as I can see
    data tables features compatibility matrix wiki page was remove
    What does this mean? Are all features compatible with all other features e.g. lazy loading and in cell editing?

  10. Amazing features!

    But, why we can’t set the column widths (datatable) anymore?

  11. Kudos… This confirms that my choice to switch from Richfaces to Primefaces wa a right one

  12. Would you please tell me where to download latest Showcase .war file? The file in the is old one.

  13. The style and styleClass of a column in <= M2 were aplied to a TD. Now, in M3, they are aplied to a DIV inside TD.
    Is there another way to set the column width?

  14. Great news! 9 months ago I moved from RF to PF as it was the only framework to support JSF 2.0. And now I see, that it was a good choice! PF is the only rich JSF framework, which can compete with GWT UI libraries, moreover it is really lightweight, very developer-friendly (I can compare with Icefaces and RIchfaces) and stable. Sure, there are some errors, but most of all they occured due to external Jquery libraries (modal windows, file uploaders etc.) I haven’t checked new milestone releases, but always track Cagatay’s posts about different refactored and improved components. I hope to give new version a try when RC is released.

    Good luck guys, you are doing a great job!

  15. Many thanks to you!
    That’ some serious updates you brought here. Impressive!
    Keep up the good work until the final release.
    Thanks again

  16. I am fairly new to the primefaces framework and i appriciate good desigin and good performance in myfaces2. However, many components in 3.0.M2 had bugs, and it was an adventure to see what works: most notable: Broken FileUpload, ( and broken components (p:datatable with filter..with . I was starving for the new release. Hopefully 3.0.M3 will attract even more developers helping this project to prosper.

    Keep up the good work and stay tuned.

  17. Great !!
    The feature i like the most (for now), is the way we can deal easily with dialogs display from managedbean using dynamic attribute and RequestContext.execute method. No more stuffs or overloaded with update attributes xhtml files. thats really great!!
    But are there any performance constraints using RequestContext.execute ?