PrimeFaces 6.1.RC1 Released

PrimeTek is pleased to announce the first release candidate of 6.1 after months of hard work and dedication. 6.1 features over 250 improvements, new components, new features, accessibility improvements and defect fixes to improve the overall quality.

New Components

New Features

Full Changelog

Here is the full detailed changelog.


Special thanks to PrimeFaces core developers Mert Sincan and Thomas Andraschko for their great work in yet another major community release.


RC1 is available at Prime Repo available to whole PrimeFaces community.


We plan to do 2 more RCs and release 6.1 final in 3rd week of March. Then we’ll start working on 6.2 which features the highly anticipated SpreadSheet component.

PrimeFaces 6.0.15 Released

6.0.15 of PrimeFaces is now available with over 10 enhancements focusing on accessibility and performance.


Defect Fixes


6.0.15 Elite is available at PrimeStore.

Road to 6.1

We have only one important task remaining to do before 6.1 which is Virtual Scroll for DataTable to deal with large datasets so that data will be fetched when user scrolls. This will be the reimplementation of liveScroll which needs improvements. Coupled with lazy loading, Virtual Scrolling can handle any number of data. Our plan is end of february for 6.1.RC1.

PrimeFaces Morpheus

PrimeTek is excited to announce Morpheus, the brand new premium application template for PrimeFaces.

2 Menu Modes

Menu is avialable in static and overlay modes.

3 Theme Options

We’ve provided 3 themes and it is easy to create your own under 5 minutes with sass variables.

Ready to Use Pages

Landing, login and error pages are included to get started in no time.

Mobile Experience

Enhanced mobile experience with touch optimized responsive design.

Live Preview

Check out the showcase to see Morpheus in Action.


Visit documentation page for details about Morpheus APIs.


Morpheus forum is monitored by PrimeTek engineers to offer support for customers.


Morpheus is available to purchase at PrimeStore.

PrimeFaces Verona

Verona is the all-new premium application template for PrimeFaces featuring 2 menu modes, 5 built-in themes, responsive layout along with a premium look for PrimeFaces components inspired by the beautiful city of Verona, Italy.

2 Menu Modes

Verona has two menu modes; Horizontal and Popup.

5 Themes

There are 5 themes already and it is very easy to create your own by defining to sass variables.


Verona Layout is optimized for various screen sizes.

Template Pages

As usual, landing, login and error pages are available to get started in no time.

Live Preview

Check out the showcase to see Verona in Action.


Visit documentation page for details about Verona APIs.


Verona forum is monitored by PrimeTek engineers to offer support for customers.


Verona is available to purchase at PrimeStore.


Ultima 1.0.7 with RTL Support

Ultima 1.0.7 for PrimeFaces is now available with RTL support. Layout can be used in RTL orientation as well by adding “layout-rtl” to the “layout-wrapper” div in template.xhtml.

In addition to RTL mode, we’ve improved input animations, added built-in error messages to md-inputfield and added colors for growl. Here is the full changelog;



Migration is easy as updating, layout.js, layout css and theme jar.

Live Preview

Live demo is available at Ultima Showcase.


Ultima is available for sale at PrimeStore.

PrimeFaces 6.0.13 Released

PrimeFaces 6.0.13 is now available as the last release of 2016 with 8 improvements.



6.0.13 Elite is available at PrimeStore.

PrimeNG 1.1.1 Released

PrimeNG 1.1.1 is mainly a maintenance update with over 30 improvements.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


PrimeNG is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.

Ultima Update

At the moment, we’re working on updating Ultima to 1.1.1 and also considering to distribute it as a CLI project soon. Target date is 26th of December.


Next version will be 2.0 due 16th of January 2017.

PrimeFaces 6.0.12 Released

PrimeFaces 6.0.12 is now available featuring Expandable RowGroups feature.

In addition, we’ve made the following updates;


6.0.12 Elite is available at PrimeStore.

PrimeFaces 6.0.11 Released

PrimeFaces 6.0.11 is now available with the row grouping feature.

Row Grouping

Rows can be grouped in two ways, using rowGroup component or with groupRow attribute on a column. They can be be combined with other features such as sorting and summary row. In next version, we’ll introduce toggleable row groups so that using an icon a group can be expanded or collapsed so you may expect more enhancements in 6.0.12.

In addition, we’ve made the following updates;


6.0.11 Elite is available at PrimeStore.