New year, new project. PrimeTek is excited to announce a new Prime project for React called PrimeReact.

PrimeReact is an upcoming UI component suite for React that will offer over 70 open source components under MIT license. The feature set will be similar to what PrimeNG currently has. In addition there will be premium templates such as Ultima and Atlantis along with PRO support options.

We’ve already started working on the project and code is hosted at GitHub. First release, 1.0.alpha.1 is planned due end of january with more than 30 components and by the end of March we plan to release 1.0 final with around 70 components.

With PrimeReact, we’ll finally have the big three; PrimeFaces, PrimeNG and PrimeReact. We’re also monitoring other libraries such as polymer, vue and bunch of others so there may be more Prime projects in the future although unlikely in 2017 as our main focus is on the big three now.

Always bet on Prime!