PrimeFaces Atlantis

Atlantis is the brand new premium application template for PrimeFaces featuring highly customizable color schemes, various menu modes and a modern theme for the components. In total there are 288 different layout combinations and thanks to sass it is very easy to customize Atlantis.

Fully Responsive

Atlantis is crafted to provide optimal viewing and interaction experience for a wide range of devices.


Scss syntax of Sass is used to create the css of both layout and theme for easy customization.

9 Layout Themes

Atlantis provides 9 layout themes out of the box and it is also very easy to create your own color scheme with sass variables.

8 PrimeFaces Themes

There are 8 built-in themes and creating your own theme is a matter of defining one sass variable.

Menu Modes

Menu has 2 modes; Static, Overlay with Light and Dark color alternatives.

Mobile Experience

Enhanced mobile experience with theming native browser elements
and responsive design.

Ready to Use

Landing, login and error pages are provided  as template pages to get started with building your app in no time.


Atlantis has a dedicated forum where support is delivered by engineers at PrimeTek in a timely manner.

Live Preview

Atlantis demo is available at live preview showcase.


Atlantis is available for purchase at PrimeStore.

PrimeNG 1.0.1 Released

PrimeNG 1.0.1 is now available feature the all-new Chips component, Checkbox selection mode for Tree and over 20 improvements.


Chips is the new addition to suite to enter multiple values on a single input field.

Checkbox Tree
New selection mode allows selecting nodes from a tree using checkboxes.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes

Migration Guide

1.0.1 is a drop-in replacement without any breaking changes.


PrimeNG is available at NPM.


1.0.2 is planned for 14th of Wednesday, december. Due to community feedback, we’ll enhance the support for Bootstrap. Note that PrimeNG does not use bootstrap as we believe a good UI library should be design language agnostic. For example, if you prefer material design there is Ultima and now for Bootstrap, we’ll create a free community theme inspired by Bootstrap 4 styling and fix any compatibility issues with it. As mentioned, this does not mean PrimeNG will depend on bootstrap but it will be fully compatible when bootstrap css is included on page and have a new theme for it in case you like bootstrap css styling.

In addition customizable filter headers and row grouping for datatable along with regular maintenance work will be avialable in 1.0.2.

PrimeFaces 6.0.10 Released

PrimeFaces Team is excited to announce the 6.0.10 release featuring the new TableState API.


TableState allows DataTable to maintain its state across pages so even if the user leaves the page and then comes back, DataTable will restore its state from TableState object session. So what is included in the state? Just the metadata not the data itself. Currently following information is maintained;

  • Pagination
  • Sorting
  • Filters
  • Selection

In future release, we’ll add support for;

  • Column Order, Width and Visibility
  • Expanded Rows

Enabling table state is easy as setting multiViewState attribute to true, RequestContext also have new clearTableState methods to clear them manually.

Live Demo

TableState demo is now available at PrimeFaces showcase.


TableState is included in 6.0.10 which is available to Elite and PRO users at PrimeStore.

PrimeFaces 6.0.9 Released

PrimeFaces 6.0.9 has been released with 9 filed defect fixes;


6.0.9 Elite is available at PrimeStore.


6.0.10 will be available in 2 weeks time featuring the new TableState feature to allow DataTable to keep its state (page, sort, filter, selection …) across multiple pages so when the users comes back to a page, datatable state will be restored according from the last state it was in. In addition related to the other big ticket feature, we’re also working on new Spreadsheet component.

PrimeNG 1.0.0 Released

After 11 months of hard work and dedication, PrimeTek is excited to announce the 1.0.0 release of PrimeNG featuring over 70 high quality open source UI components for Angular 2.

Omega Template

Omega application template of PrimeFaces has been ported to PrimeNG. Visit the live demo for a preview.

Ultima, our material template and theme is also available at PrimeStore.

NG-CONF 2017

PrimeNG will be a silver sponsor of the upcoming NG-Conf 2017 event, if you’ll also be there visit our booth for cool demos and gifts.


Considering competition, PrimeNG is currently the most complete UI suite for Angular 2 and we’re just getting started. Visit our roadmap wiki to get an idea of what’s ahead.


PrimeNG is available at NPM.

About PrimeTek

PrimeTek has 10 years of expertise in UI Library development, in fact that is the only area we work on full time. Our most well known product is PrimeFaces which is now the de-facto standard for Java Server Faces applications. Our goal in 2017 is to make PrimeNG the best UI suite for Angular 2.

Always bet on Prime

PrimeNG 1.0.0-RC7 Released

PrimeNG 1.0.0-RC7 is now available with quality improvements suggested by the community.

Defect Fixes


PrimeNG is available at NPM.

PrimeNG 1.0.0-RC6 Released

PrimeNG 1.0 final will be released on 23rd of November and RC6 is the last planned release candidate.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


PrimeNG is available at NPM.

PrimeNG 1.0.0-RC5 Released

PrimeNG 1.0.0-RC5 is now available featuring 40+ improvements over RC4.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


PrimeNG is available at NPM.

1.0. Final

1.0 final release is planned on 23rd of November. Then we’ll start picking up tasks from our todo list at Roadmap. In addition, we’re porting Omega Template of PrimeFaces to PrimeNG now.

PrimeFaces 6.0.8 Released

PrimeFaces Team is pleased to announce the new update featuring the all-new organigram component to display Organizational Charts. This component is donated by CommerceBay GmbH.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


6.0.8 Elite is available at PrimeStore.


We’re currently working on TableState feature to make it easy to keep DataTable state across pages, also on new SpreadSheet and InputTag components then PrimeFaces 6.1 will be ready on mid Q1 2017. These features will be delivered to Elite and Pro users before then.