Jul 22

PrimeNG 1.0.0-beta.10 Released

PrimeTek is pleased to announce the new beta for PrimeNG, the open source rich UI component suite for Angular2.

Templating Changes

Components having support for custom templates such as dropdown, autocomplete, datalist have changed the way they handle templates. Instead of requiring a wrapper element, they only need the content itself.

   <template let-option>


   <template let-option>

Having the repeating the element in the context of PrimeNG component is a major improvement, instead of accessing the dom directly we can now do things more in the way of angular and many reported issues have been fixed as a result. The components having this change are;

  • Dropdown
  • AutoComplete
  • Listbox
  • DataList
  • DataScroller
  • Carousel
  • PickList
  • OrderList

Full Changelog


We are now initiating the intense development mode for PrimeNG and will do a new release every week. To begin with, we’ll work on the github issues and pull requests followed by new components such as fileupload and spreadsheet. New layouts including Icarus and Omega will be ported from PrimeFaces as well. No major breaking changes are expected as APIs are quite stable as of beta10.

PrimeNG has been a success so far with increasing number of PrimeNG PRO users and premium layout-theme purchases, as a result PrimeTek has decided invest even more to the PrimeNG.

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Jul 20

Introducing Omega Layout

PrimeTek is excited to announce the brand new nextgen Omega Layout, a clean and elegant responsive application template with a premium look for PrimeFaces components.

Basic license of Omega is available to all Elite Subscribers whereas PRO users have been granted an extended license. Standalone purchase without an Elite or PRO subscription is also possible.

Omega Theme

Omega Layout requires Omega Theme that is available since 6.0 and 5.3.15 and it also enhances it by replacing the png based icons with modern sharp looking icons. If you are using Omega theme in your project, you may consider getting its layout to complete it.


Layout is optimized against different device sizes from big desktops to small mobile phones.


All css is written in scss syntax and organized in different scss files. Important colors and font size have sass variables for easy customization.

Template Pages

As usual, landing, login and error pages have been provided for your application template.


Omega is available at PrimeStore for standalone purchase. As mentioned before, basic license of Omega is available to all Elite Subscribers whereas PRO users have been granted an extended license available under the misc tab in Elite section at store.


Omega Theme is designed and implemented by @cagataycivici, the founder of PrimeFaces whereas the layout is designed by PrimeTek’s designer @w00f and implemented by @cagataycivici.

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Jul 19

PrimeFaces Icarus Updated

PrimeFaces Icarus has been updated to 1.0.1 featuring menu enhancements and defect fixes.


Sidebar menu of Icarus has been improved in terms of usability, look and feel. The slim mode is smaller to make space for content and animations are smoother. Also state is kept better between mobile, tablet and desktop modes.



Icarus is available at PrimeStore.

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Jul 06

Premium Layouts and Themes Updated

Yesterday, we’ve announced the next-gen Icarus Layout, as mentioned on the announcement previous templates will continue to get maintenance updates.

This update cycle brings compatibility with PrimeFaces 6.0, due to a resource optimization in PF6, the menus of layouts were broken. We’ve added the fix in a way that same layout can both work with 6.0 and also 5.x. with version detection.

Items are available to download at PrimeStore.

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Jul 05

Introducing PrimeFaces Icarus

PrimeTek is proud to announce the all-new nextgen Icarus application template featuring a responsive layout, 4 different themes, template pages and sass integration.


So what is nextgen? Reception to the Prime Premium Layouts and Themes have been well and met our expectations so we have decided to invest even more. We had a change in our team where our old designer has left the company and a new designer along with a new front end developer have joined us to strengthen the squad.

This change will allow us to shorten the time between new layouts because in the past design, html, css coding have been done by the same person which was a time consuming process. In new model our new designer does design and the front-end engineer is fully responsible with html, css, js coding. Separation of responsibilities allows our teammates to focus on a specific task rather than dealing with multiple tasks at the same time.

Also we’ve done some technical changes, these are;

  • Use Sketch for design which is an awesome tool!
  • Use new PrimeFaces Grid CSS instead of old containerX css for layouts
  • Use SASS with scss syntax
  • Smaller theme files, instead of styling each component individually, style global classes and add overrides, this shortens the compiled theme.css drastically.
  • Cleaner and smaller html and css to avoid div soup
  • Implemented everything from scratch basically

So we took our time to apply these best practices and created Icarus.

Nextgen doesn’t mean previous layouts won’t be maintained and supported, they will be for sure. As an example, tomorrow all 11 of them will be updated for PrimeFaces 6.0 support.

Responsive Design

Icarus is optimized across different devices and screens.


Scss syntax of Sass is used to create the css of  both layout and theme for easy customization.


Icarus provides 4 built-in themes and it takes a couple lines to create your own thanks to sass. Check out documentation for details.

Template Pages
Icarus provides ready to use template pages to get started with your apps in no time.

Live Demo

Online demo is available at Icarus Showcase.


Icarus is available for purchase at Prime Store.

Special Thanks

It has been a busy 6 weeks from initiating the sketch design to the final product, special thanks to our designer Onur Şentüre, our front-end engineer Mertcan Diken and last but not least PrimeFaces core developer Mert Sincan aka Aragorn for their enormous work.

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Jun 30

PrimeNG 1.0.0-beta.9 Released

PrimeTek is pleased to announce the new beta for PrimeNG, the open source rich UI component suite for Angular2.

Angular2 RC3 Support

Since RC1, there have been many breaking changes like the very new router (3rd one) and new form apis. Beta9 brings first-class support for these new changes.

InputMask Component

InputMask is the new addition to the suite to enter input in a certain format such date, numeric, email, regex and so on.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


PrimeNG is available at NPM, please see setup page for details.

Premium Layouts and Themes

All four premium layouts and themes are updated to Angular2 RC3 and PrimeNG beta9 with new releases at PrimeStore. In addition, we’ve given the material ones a facelift, especially the inputs to suit more in the material spec.


Showcase is not optimized for production and makes many http requests due to system.js, we’re working on speeding up by using a bundler like webpack or a custom solution where angular2 and its dependencies along with PrimeNG js is bundled in a single file. This will speed it up drastically.


In its current stage, PrimeNG has met our expectations, download numbers are close to 10k per month and we have PrimeNG PRO customers along with customers who buys the premium themes and layouts. As a result, at PrimeTek we’ve decided to put in more investment and resources in PrimeNG project. If PrimeFaces is the king in PrimeLand, then PrimeNG is surely the prince and heir to the throne.

Beta10 is scheduled in 3 weeks time and we’ll begin with the reported requests-issues at github and then move on to implementing the new fileupload component.

Always bet on Prime!

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Jun 28

PrimeFaces Elite 6.0.1 Released

First elite release for 6.0 is now available with the all-new triStateCheckbox component and other enhancements.


TriStateCheckbox has been promoted from extensions and provides a new state to a checkbox selection.

ClientCache for DataTable

The new client cache option creates a client side cache to improve user experience in datatable pagination by caching loaded pages to avoid extra ajax requests.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


1 year Elite subscription is only $99 per developer.

Binaries, Sources, API docs and VDL docs are available in PrimeFaces Store for ELITE and PRO users as an official release bundle.


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Jun 16

PrimeFaces Elite 5.3.14 Released

PrimeFaces 5.3.x has been updated with a new release that improves the overall quality.

Grid CSS

Grid CSS is reimplemented from scratch to provide a more flexible, mobile-first and easier to use layout utility. Old one is kept for backward compatibility. We’ll use Grid CSS from now on internally in responsive components and in our premium layouts as well.



Binaries, Sources, API docs and VDL docs are available in PrimeFaces Store for ELITE and PRO users as an official release bundle.

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Jun 15

PrimeStore and New Elite Pricing

We’re excited to announce the all-new PrimeStore, the marketplace for all the Prime goodness. Market and Elite apps are discontinued and the service will be delivered at Store from now on.

PrimeStore is created using PrimeFaces 6.0 and provides features to purchase premium layouts, themes for PrimeFaces, PrimeNG, PrimeUI and subscribe to Elite. In addition, you’ll be able to track orders and view invoices as well.

An important change is the new payment processor, instead of PayPal, store is integrated with Payu. The payments are handled by them with a high level of security featuring 128-bit ssl encryption.

New store is ready for the upcoming new products such as Icarus, Omega and Morpheus premium layouts and themes.

New Elite Pricing

PrimeFaces Elite has been a popular option to get bi-weekly releases and along with new store we’ve decided to set a new price to make it more accessible. Instead of $249 per developer for 1 year, the new price is only $99 and there are more great news;

We’re glad to announce that, Elite Subscribers will get the Omega Layout inside the Elite package without the extra cost. Elite releases complete PrimeFaces and the Premium Omega Layout will also complete the free Omega theme in PrimeFaces from now on. Omega Layout will be available in one month, right after Icarus.  They are the very first layouts-themes that we call Next-Gen. Please note that Omega Layout as standalone will be $39 itself.

Always bet on Prime!

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Jun 07

PrimeFaces 6.0 Released

PrimeFaces Team is glad to announce that PrimeFaces 6.0 Final is now available featuring 345 filed improvements, new components, new features and enhancements, new Omega community theme and improved quality.

New Components

Various components have been promoted to PrimeFaces from Extensions project as a result of merger. These are;

Omega Theme

Aristo started to look outdated so we’ve created a new modern looking default theme called Omega.

There will also be a Next-Gen Premium Layout for Omega to complete it soon. Here is the main design with a vertical menu. There will also be a horizontal top bar menu option.


Our team has spent a lot of time on reported issue reports and there are 150 defect fixes in 6.0 that improves the overall quality. These were delivered to Elite subscribers bi-weekly and now they are available to whole community as well.


We’ve invested in many hours to improve the accessibility of the components for 508 compliance regarding keyboard and screen reader support. There is even now localization support for screen readers.


PrimeFaces User Guide is updated along with new api-vdl docs at documentation page.


6.0 is available at Maven Central.

Thank you

It has been a long ride since 5.3 and we’d like to thank two core developers of PrimeFaces; Mert Sincan and Thomas Andraschko, without their lead, it wouldn’t be possible to have all these enhancements. Also special thanks to PrimeFaces power users Oleg Varaksin, Sudheer Jonna and Ronald van Kuijk for their continous feedback on 6.0. Finally thanks to all community members who have reported issues, made pull requests and provided feedback to improve PrimeFaces


As of today, we’re officially starting to work on 6.1 and our estimate is mid autumn as the release date. Along with regular improvements, there will be a new spreadsheet component to provide excel like functionality. In addition, our design team is working on new next-gen premium layouts and theme for PrimeFaces.

Always bet on Prime!

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